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You're Welcome

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You're Welcome


Lovely smiles at early morning, 
Poetic voice says: “Hello” 
Shiny eyes yearning look.
 Asking happily “How are you?” 


When did we met and where! 
Few years ago, may be more 
It was crowded party there 
When she shines out of the door 


We had a table, but no talk 
Merrily smile, she looks shy 
Asked timidly can we walk? 
I shook hands, then walk...

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Two waves in the sea 
Two branches of the tree 
Two wings of the bee 
These are you and me 
In everywhere I go 
I keep your love to grow 
All over my heart's show 
Your eyelashes and brow   

Certainly, I can see 
One heart not a three 
Follow me, or feel free 
I got your heart's Key

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My heart skips a beat when I catch you glancing.

I’m high on you, your mental is alluringly entrancing. 




I lose my consciousness in your world; now hooked on your being. 

Whilst pheromones run wild, you advance, begin by playfully teasing.


I analyse your face. 


Slowly you undress me before you go to third base. 

Your tongues tender touch hits th...

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Bad Joke

Bad joke number one. At first a whimsical gesture, a throw away comment, nought but the larks song to win your attention.


Bad joke number two. The brush off, the guise, nothing more than a vulnerable boy hiding behind his painted face as he clutches at a pumpkin bucket, barely able to lift his gaze as he utters meek words, mouthing "Trick,or treat?"


Bad joke number three. Confidenc...

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Love never captures the stars 
for we burn in the hollow 
of the black hole 
tearing at our souls. 

Yearning to be free, 
on our knees, we plead, 
blind at times in defeat,
deaf to the trees, 
the hearts true needs 

but on we climb toward the light, 
the rainbow an illusion of mind 
knowing the journey is the gold, 
that truth comes in numbers
and in reverse the future unfolds.


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defeatillusionlife's journeyloveyearning


When you lit that cigarette

The bones of me shuddered,

The blood in me halted.

What I wouldn’t do for you to light my flame with your lips....


Because I’ve had men tell me that my lipstick tastes of petrol,

That my mouth lights fires,

That my tongue causes explosions

And of course, that opening my legs is the best way to put a fire out.


But this fire begins at you...

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Soul Famine

A lock on the the door, a no vacancy sign,

A glitch in the process, a flaw in design.

An important step skipped, an opportunity missed.

A sunrise slept through, pretty lips never kissed.

A trail never never blazed, a sea never never sailed.

A an old man full of stories, with no one to tell.

A kid with no candy store, a garden, less bloom.

A beautiful centerpiece in a cold empt...

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A Longing

At core of it all is yearning

to someone similar belong


Another there to relate to

and walk  distances along


Bond in sort of perpetuity

till  infinitum which extends


Joyous in times favorable

 supportive in nasty bends


Tolerant of most nuances

offering emotional bind


Forever whetting intellect

as stimulus for the mind

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each night I sleep

entwined in the comfortable branches

of a mossy oak

by day I play

among the lissom saplings

and wonder

how far I might still bend

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Stars Would Gladly Cast Their Gleam


My acheing mind and heart would gladly will you here,
across those cruel distances that do divide us dear,
and then beside me I would keep you for ever more,
and daily stroll with you upon the glistening shore.
Harsh words would have no place for us at all,
our deep soul bonds would be the strongest call,
and every night our stars would gladly cast their glea...

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Torture Exquisite

to see and hear but not yet touch
that which i do crave so much
exquisite torture to my hands
that ache to remap treasured lands
in dreams i have reached out to clasp
at last your hand within my grasp
then woke to find a vacant space
where our fingers interlaced
your faces occupy my mind
too deep for me to leave behind
shackled to what i hear and see
til by your side and f...

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