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Jaroor koee baat hai?

Hai nahin aasaan phir bhee,
doobana mujhe aa gaya.

beech dariya door hai,
main to kinaare aa gaya.

hain khilaune haath mein.

kyon hai udaas phir bhee vo?
jaroor koee baat hai.

jal raha hai ghar vo usaka,
bas roshanee use dikh rahee.

kya mila hai isako aisa?
kyon yoon muskura raha?

jaroor koee baat hai,
jaroor koee baat hai?

- Jitendra Suryavans...

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Time Machine

Pictures are simply moments frozen in time!
They make it possible for us to travel through time. 

Our own personal time machine but we can only catch a glimpse of the past, they have no way of telling us what the future may hold.

Relics of time and space, intergalactic instruments if you will, propelling us from one reality to the next. I wonder what stories all these pictures would tell, i...

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Best In The Morning

It’s best in the morning
with no decoration
only flesh 
and fingers reaching out
It’s best in the morning
sun licking through the window
we’ve honestly
nowhere we need to be

It’s best in the morning
kitchen door 
open on the garden
you sip your tea, strum the guitar 
sitting on the back step
Your dark hair ruffled
eyes so brown and full of wonder
nowhere we need to be

“It’s bes...

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She was trying

Trying to be calm

Trying to mute the

Monologue inside her mind.


Full of contradictions to herself,

Full of arguments

Full of endless thoughts


She felt like being pulled

In a spiral

Down and down and down

With each breath she took

Swallowing her own soul


As if she split up

Into two halves

Halves against each other

She was he...

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Forgetting such moments are not a cinch

Wow factor is a life free of glitch

Those moments are just dreadly screams

Even so, they are just dusky dreams

Panting, whimpering, yearning and lamenting deep

Hark! wake up before they engulf your luminous tinge of last beam...

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momentsglitchscreamyearningluminousLast beam

Reason to Stay

When sun comes against all odds

And the colours of life just pop

Or when the rain falls

It falls and falls

And you wet your lips

With piping hot tea

With warm biscuit

Savour the crumbs

Cosy and safe

In the arms of a jumper

The padding of the sofa,

Like a huge hug

Or when your face aches,

Your stomach vibrates

Because you are fighting to breathe

Through ...

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depressionsuicidepreventionpositivemental healthtomorrowchangeappreciatelifebeautymomentsmemoriesnostalgiahidden beauty

In search of an identity......

All I see is a mist of darkness,
With nowhere to thread my feet in,
In World where there is absence of kindness,
I see a light of hope so thin.
I can’t go on; my body and my soul are giving in,
There’s no fire in belly to seek reasons for my quest,
With efforts and motivation of my kith and kin,
Now, I go along the path where the birds fly in the air so clean.
Then, I arrive at the gates o...

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Do you ever want to 
hold on to a moment 
because it feels divine?

A moment when the stars align, 
and everything is fine. 

A moment when you make peace 
with your past, and your pain. 

A moment when there is 
no sorrow, no shame.

A moment when fear
takes a hike.

A moment when the sky is clear, 
the air is forgiving,
and sun shines bright. 

A moment when everything 

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rhyme this with everything I am

bit of everything I have

rhyme this to make it livable again

at another needed moment, from the corner of my head. 

squeeze this into another view

or lay it out, spread on by you

or anyway that translates bliss

to blissless stormful blanks

that look for it parched, helpless

without thanks

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There were those moments


against a Cornish rock

                in beach blackness

                with the shush of the rippling waves

                nearby in the night


in a Sussex garden

                with the hot sun

                dappling our backs


on a Ditchling hill

                with town lights

                spread below


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Home is in a lot of places

In a the bottom of a coffee cup, inhaling and looking up to see your friends beautiful smile because you made a funny face.

In a national park breathing the crisp air, the utter contentment of being in a place that is only yourself and the earth, with a thousand days before and after you.

Dancing in the waves, the ocean so a part of your life that your very vein...

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