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Pink Lilly

Crisp and swift the north wind blows
Leaving only a note before she left long ago
He cried for days and had no words to explain
Spoke to mother.

Crisp and swift the north wind blows
Spring came, mom called saying this might be silly 
Son, I need your help to plant these bulbs; he mutters really? 
Planting bulbs with his mother

Warm and sweet the south wind blows 
He first glanced upon...

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Soul Famine

A lock on the the door, a no vacancy sign,

A glitch in the process, a flaw in design.

An important step skipped, an opportunity missed.

A sunrise slept through, pretty lips never kissed.

A trail never never blazed, a sea never never sailed.

A an old man full of stories, with no one to tell.

A kid with no candy store, a garden, less bloom.

A beautiful centerpiece in a cold empt...

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