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My loved Brother

Today, in the middle of my weekly shopping

Between bananas and tomatoes

I found red plums.


The noise around me

Made silence,

My mind traveled 24 years ago,

To our small city,

so distant that looks like another life.



Each month we used to buy

two plums and one sweetened milk,

our monthly rewards

nobody except you, can under...

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Today is a special day it is Sunday
The day after Saturday just before Monday
Sabbath sacred day of rest
Mass in the masses Sunday best dressed

Tradition of all traditions does sunshine on Sundays ?
Why's it called Sunday 'caus I see no sun rays

Apparently the First day but more like the last day
Well that's not how all see though I look at it that way
A family feast day we all eat togethe...

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A Reflection


The man in the mirror

No longer looks like me

His best years are behind him

There's nothing more to see 

His daughter is now a woman

With family of her own

The years now seem to fade away

Into the bleak unknown

Although I'll keep on dreamin'

Of better things to come

Sometimes I feel like runnin' free

Into the rising sun

A slither of a silhouette 


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Arden Hall Magic


Arden Hall Magic

I met a friend by an old Oak tree,
Remember me? He smiled his smile,
I could not walk on by,

We sat on murky mushroomed ground,
Craned our necks out high,
To a solid old oak tree,
Now taller than the sky,

All around us lay its fruits,
In greens and oak deep browns,
As they had done all those years before
Broken branches coaxing them down,

Our offspring pla...

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Monday in Tier 4, New Year Jan 4

Facebook is full of futility;
pandemic emotional ping pong
vapid mini Directors spouting “truth”
proving a point to the other side

The class divide is dividing us,
fuelled by media-driven Morgan’s 
who needs to create division to thrive
pointless pricks with absent minds
Propaganda piloted, spoon-feeding 

Humans walk past Joe the homeless, 
humming on their way into work
happily sti...

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A New Breath

He flung the rope 

over a branch of a tree

And fluttering down

came a few dead leaves


He watched them rest

upon the cold, crisp earth

And cursed his mother

For his wasted birth


This year of pandemic

Had him stripped to the bone

Made him jobless & useless

A bear in his home


Frustration begat anger

And anger begat fear

Unable to provide


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