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Ethereal Streaming

Your hand unfurled

Revealing stars 

You'd captured while out dreaming 


They drifted skyward:

Little wisps of hope

Reaching out like ethereal streaming


I breathed them in 

As dawn brightened 

The stirring sea


And downloaded all the wonders

Of what you and I

Could, one day, grow to be.


(Ethereal Streaming is not available via Netflix)

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The Laughing Parrott

A laughing Parrott ate a carrot as
an Elephant climbed up a tree,
he was chased by a Mouse who wore a Pink blouse and liked to swim in the Sea,
A Lion passed by who flew his kite in the sky while singing to two dancing Llamas, 
and a juggling Giraffe was taking a bath while wearing his woolly Pyjamas! 

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A Monkey Wore Pink Lipstick

A Monkey wore pink lipstick
as he laughed and baked a cake
and was followed round the kitchen by a disco dancing snake, 
they were joined by a Rhino who was wearing underpants, shuffling his bum and joining in the dance,
then there came a Chicken who was roaring like a bear as and a skateboarding Elephant with long curly hair. 

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Humourkidsnonsensesilly poem

That Gal Gladys

Tongue Twisting Twaddle

This one is for Don M. who bemoans the lack of serendipity on WOL and would like to see a bit more frippery.

That Gal Gladys

Could it be we take ourselves too seriously?

Maybe our pomp possy posing needs a little pricking, A little snacker snicking?

As Twiddly Thumb said to Twiddly Toe,

“That gal Gladys wuz really weird. Wherever did she go?”


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Black and Blue

Black and blue 

A bruise's hue 

And the colors of many others 

Look up at the sky 

On a stormy day 

As the clouds cry 

Blue and gray 

Your silhouette black  

Against the flash of the Lightning above 

It's courage you lack 

And your hopes fly away with the dove 

It's not the lion, I'm afraid, that carries the pride 

But the Lightning that paralyzed you as it bide...

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Deed done

The deed is done and guilt and fear come with it,​​​

what am i hoping the effect will be?

I'm not sure to be completely honest..

it's a slight tad of happiness i get from it 

but now  i'm bitter and sad 

Always something makes me immediately regret my actions

perhaps their is something i can prescribe myself to stop

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Love me, Hate me

But know that you

Saved me

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Everyone needs a


Everyone needs a


To grow, To overcome

Without them, we are


But not everyone becomes the


And not everyone becomes the


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There was a Young Man from Kyoto

There was a young man from Kyoto,
who was awfully fond of a photo,
when he saw a kimono,
his eyesight went mono,
and now a kimono’s a no-no.

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Into The Wilderness

Into the Wilderness


Into the wilderness we went. Edhweirft and Hwyrflung swirled above us, blowing and bustling through the treetops. Watching. Threatening. But maintaining a safe distance as the trees protected us








... we went, as the gloam drew in. Druuuuuin!! Closer. Druuuuuuuuiiiiinnnn!!!!! Closer. It hugs, this gloa...

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Reflections of an Overfed Man

You were a regular toothpick

And I have my Bashment classes

We frolicked in the eye of a toad just for something to do on a Wednesday


I scraped together all my width 

And ordered it correctly

Like a spiral in a jam jar it spurred me on to justice


Make an apoplexy for your measly complexion

I lost it in a card game in the jaws of the abo-po-po

And in the heat of a ...

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Go There Get There Under Sheets

Sex. Done it. A few times shorter than a moments passed. Come Quick. Newsflash! This just in...soon to be old news. Start practicing stamina, duration, length, self control and persistence. Sexual Human Beings. We are so sexual in every way. Try and stay away. Too tempting. Too hot. Too arousing. Too wet. Too slippery. Too dangerous. Butt, If it's with "the one" it'll be Too kool, Far out, groo...

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Fly Has Sat On The Sweetest Jam (nonsense comp)


There is no order here,

There is no any sense.

Can you make it clear?

Can you change a pence?


On a tin there sat a cat

It looked exactly like a rat

Poor little biggie rat

It has swallowed a cat.


Little cow wore a wig

And the ground it could dig,

Like a purple brown pig

Sat on thin and thickest twig.


In the farm and in the z...

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In A January Morning (nonsense comp)


 In a January morning,

On a sunny April day,

A crocodile croaks as it is May.

On the pavement bricks out of board,

There walks the tallest little lord.

In a hospital is healthy.

Poor man is so wealthy.

Fed to teeth I want to eat

And a cheat is so sweet.

Come my dears! Come to me!

I don’t want to see you.

Any false you say is true,

In the yar...

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Smart Little Johnny (competition)


It’s a real story that happened in one school

when a teacher appeared  to be a complete fool.

Once when a teacher of math was sick

a teacher of physical education came, named Nick.

He wanted to show how intelligent he is,

so he said: Solve my problem please!

The car moves at a high speed.

To go to Spain a plane we need.

How old am I if the plane now is high...

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Broken Crystals



Crystals cover the ground


They sky is covered in clouds


They say that white is the color of absence


Just like the caterpillars in the spring,

eating all the pretty leaves,


you in a swift second

blow in

stealing all the color from the sky.


Gorging yourself...

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experimentalcontemporarypoetryfound wordnonsensefree form

lap of luxury

An endless supply of Mojitos

A wind-up radio

A wall to kick a ball against

Or a children’s pillow

A bar of soap, some sun cream,

Strings and strings of pearls

A virtual sherry trifle

Or a wide-eyed blow up girl.

Lifetime’s supply of champagne

A cup of jasmine tea

A pencil and some paper

A crate of scotch whiskey

The V&A Museum

A karaoke machin...

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