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Days That Have No Anchor

Though we have explored
all there is to travel
I still turn to you in awe
Those wondrous eyes
still cause my blood to race
On cruel and foggy days
all jagged nerves
and withered spirit
you lose your gravity
drifting again
on days that have no anchor

And if I must, I’ll do it tenderly
hold you through the waves
of heaving sobs
clutch your trembling hand
and we’ll fathom
the house ...

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Forever and always

Lost in your blue eyes like I'm floating in the sea

I still get shivers when you look at me 

No matter how far we have come 

From girlfriend to an incredible mum

You still own my heart, my soul and mind

When I'm with you I fully unwind

You make me the best person I can be

We can take on anything with you beside me

Hand in hand, check to check 

I still look at you and for...

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she would swear curses

at adversaries she hated,

enemies got bad scrams,

their prospects down-rated


I'd smile, it seemed a joke,

her mother's just the same,

superstitious nonsense,

some daft witches' game


yet was it really so silly,or

was there something to it?

some victims took poorly,

there was never a minute


free of tragic local news,

some o...

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The Other Woman

The Other Woman


I feel sorry for her

She believes your lies

Wipes tears from your eyes

She thinks you care,

Always be there.

We know that’s fake

Rotten wedding cake,

Broken vows,

Affairs with old cows, 

Twisted memories told,

Left out in the cold. 

Beaten and broken, 

Heart torn open,

All still to come, 

Treated like scum,

The future holds this,


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Its amazing how quickly time passes

I only heard about him the other day

I got a call from my cousin Katherine

It was her told me he had passed away


A completely new outfit is essential

At my age you have to put on a show

Time for a manicure, see to my hair

Show them I never lost that old mojo


They'll be wondering will I turn up

It will be fun to keep them gues...

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We Must Be Fair To Belinda

Like small children divorces are messy

Legal fees only add to the frustration

But perhaps the hardest thing of all

Is coping with an ex-partner's indignation


It's not easy but we must be fair to Belinda

She gave me the best years of her life

After all she is the mother of my kids

She was, all in all, a half-decent wife


Of course dear, you are my partner now


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The Land

Sitting to the east

Sloping down to the edge  

Of that other world

In the summer sun

In the winter chill

The sentinel watched over

The little family in the cottage in the hollow


Lately it had felt her sorrow  

It knew when she left Pant y Lleiniau

And walked slowly along the cart track

To reach the little bridge under the trees

Where she crossed Nant yr Efail ...

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Diametrically Opposite Mentality



My son is late to night
A bit drunk
He may be staggering
In the dark.
God please return him back
Insulating  him from thug's attack.


My husband is late to night
In a bar bewitched by enticing eyes
He may be inviting a tart for a dance!

Please devil throw him to hell
He is enjoying himself
Under a spell!//

About the author

Alem Hailu G/Kristos
In The V...

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Future wifey


You’ve never met a girl this futuristic 

Never self serving she’s altruistic 

She loves to admire your acoustic 

Smiles and listens to you do this 

You don’t understand her it’s obvious 

She fights for love like a lobbyist 

You’re oblivious when it comes to feelings

There is no such thing as a glass ceiling 

Nights with her will leave you reeling


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                                    After Ezra Pound and Giacomo Leopardi


And so you were

everything to me, that is now less than dust –

                        lost, captive of the soil

That surrounds and nourishes my soul.


And so now I –

still stranded, umbral shade of past desire – 

                        left, am guardian of sad recall

watching branch and blo...

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In the beginning

In the beginning he would wake at every peculiar sound that came from the babies crib 

In the beginning he would bring me a beverage as I fed his son whilst the moon was dimly lit 

In the beginning he would rush home from work eager to see the family he created 

In the beginning we were the people whom he could be himself and escape with 

In the beginning we were enough 


He wou...

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