Free Write - Little Souls

Wishing humble resolution, reversed on both ends of a lucid looking glass. Hoping hopelessness, Remembering remnants, miniscule moments. What could have been different my innocents, pieces, parts, carbon copies of the softened edges of my sanctified soul. Forever asking for your eternal forgiveness. Unable to forget the forgetable fear, between your eyes.... And mine. The moment, minute, of absolution. "I will miss you Daddy," melting down unstable barriers of rubble. "I will miss you Daddy," runs rampage, bleeds beasts through, incinerates, racing, the pain...oh the pain !!! The blade of damnation slices through my now awakened eyes. To find forgiveness, a task seeming forever out of my reach. I miss you guys .....

painkidssorrowfree writeabstractloveagonytruechildrenforgiveness

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