the old kitchen tin box

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the old kitchen tin box


the old kitchen tin box

of matches

brings back fond memories


it hung on the wall

above mama’s stove


the matches were used

for many things


to light the stove to cook

the family meals


to ignite the oil lamps

at night to light the house


to break and splinter

to make a toothpick


to light the wood burning

stove in the living room


to start the grass fire in the fall

to burn all the dead grass

from around the house


to light the fire in the

55 gallon drum out behind

our house to burn the trash


but the best use of the matches

was when Kenny and I sneaked

matches to our secret hideaway


where we would light the ‘tobacco”

we had made by crushing dried

sweet gum tree leaves and packing

it into our little corncob pipes


then we laid back in our little grass hut

puffing away like we were

real men

hutskidsmatchesoil lampstrash burner

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clyde McCulley

Sat 13th Mar 2021 18:54

Thanks for reading and your comment about the old kitchen tin box .
Glad it brought back memories.


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Brian Hodgkinson

Sat 13th Mar 2021 03:04

Yes, loved this ... I did the same kind of thing with my friends

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keith jeffries

Fri 12th Mar 2021 23:58

a poem of nostalgia and fond memories. Another poem where the reader is taken into Mom's kitchen. We bought matches to light homemade cigarettes from the dog ends we found in the local area. A good smoke if I remember.

Thank you for this

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