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Time Was II

Once I was a pacifist, I was an objector. 

A campaigning reformer, I was a protester.  


Now I’m a radical extremist and snowflake moaner. 

Mob rule wokeist, another social-justice warrior. 


Someone who’s made their point but won’t shut up. 

Prepared to tear society apart, a loon, and a zealot. 


An agitator and disrupter, someone who must be reined in. 

A danger ...

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My internal spirit of rebellion

Is far from calm--



Anger builds

Single spark ignites

Observing injustice


From figures of authority,

Power moves, prejudice--

Inferno in the making


Refusing to be

The next victim, the next pawn,

I know these sensations well--


Long ago, I marched on California's streets


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social justiceactivismstreet marchpolice intimidationprotestloudhaileramplified chantingfree speech



I block the traffic in the road;

And chain my body to railings,

To illustrate the catalogue

Of governments’ climate failings.


I march in the demonstrations,

Sit down on the Minister’s lawn,

To give some hope to the children

And those who have not yet been born.


Last month I was twice arrested,

For challenging this dirty game.

Fines and days in court are...

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climate changeprotest


Flags and placards round Big Ben



Shouts and chants of Waddawewant?


We call a pause on oil and then

we all lie down. We stand up again.

We shout demands at Parliament 




No new gas! No new oil!


One point five degrees soon gone.


Arctic in meltdown, blood on the boil,


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climate changeextinctionprotestdemonstrations

#6 (thank you, dears)

Thank you, dears.

For marched words

rawed bare, from


placard rage

to simpered



For now, plain,

awful grief

is just. Mine.

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feminismsarah everardangerprotestfeministpoetrygrief


Please share, like, take your own protest selfie with a poster about our freedom and, freedom of movement. It's important that we fight for it, it's actually in danger. 


Please sign my petition for the freedom of movement. Our rights are in danger now, the EU borders are closed since 16th March 2020

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bordersEUEuropefreedomfreedom of movementopen ordersprotest

Intertextual protest

I like my music ANGRY. My favourite types of song

Are those that call for change, to try to right some wrongs.

I’ll take lyrics about war or peace or duty socially bound,

Over any heartfelt soulful dirge about love lost or found.


But it seems my favourite protest songs have limited success,

Judging by the fact the world is still in such a mess.

The answers blowing in the win...

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SRCSaturday Rhymers Clubprotestsocial justiceprotest songs

Watching a Group of Angry College Kids is Weirdly Entertaining


east of

High street

where cars run rare

and exude mating calls

through means 



Across from


funeral home

with running rust

that is

synonymous to melting

is an

art school

who prides a sign


arches over 9th street

that reads


and in essence

is bodied

of what could be known as design


in other wo...

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CollegeLifeProtestConnor Lannesstream of consciousness

On Censorship

Given what's happening in America right now, I suspect it won't be long before the First Amendment begins fighting for its life.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share my most successful poem to date, though it's hardly a poem at all.

It is based on my experience of living in South Africa during Apartheid.


In The Tradition Of The Star


This poem is censored.

I cannot mentio...

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CensorshipSouth AfricaProtest

Please Dont Send Me Home

Please dont send me back home to my parents house.

I have a new home, and started my own family

So that I may forget the pain of where I was raised.

Please dont send me to my parents house.

Although I love them dearly,

I have my own kids to watch after,

And who will raise them better than me?

Who will raise my children while I am gone?

Who will care and love my children if ...

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I’m a snowflake mate

if you like


beautiful crystal

joining others

in a blizzard

that will white out

your false politics

stop your momentum

as we drift

into insurmountable

impassable glaciers

and in an avalanche

of hope

bury you forever


I’m a snowflake mate

whether you like it or not


a few




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brexittrumpresistsnowflakeprotestclaim back

Why I Will Not Keep Calm and Carry On

With events across the pond, this seems an appropriate time to raise a little cry of defiance over the state of my own nation, and to remind myself that there's still some fight left in us...


Why I Will Not Keep Calm and Carry On

When I was young, the golden rule
of how to get along at school
was Keep your head down. Don’t make waves.
Don’t stand apart – you’re not that brave.

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austerityprotestStairwell Books


How can a lie

make the whole world cry,

yet they claim there is nothing to see,

where nefarious knaves

and the covetous crave

beneath covers so stealthily, free?


No thought for the plebs

as they weave dangerous webs

in a world already complex,

where the sins of the saints

have done nothing but taint,

confuse, deceive and perplex.


To forgive and forget,


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Live every day like it was meant to be,
helping all those who want to be free.
Feel the warmth in a genuine smile,
a childish giggle can bridge the miles.

Surround everybody with happy ways,
bask in the heat of the suns warm rays.
A world of love and peace for all,
where we help the ones who trip and fall.


I may be a dreamer of fanciful sights
but dreams are better than childis...

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Fracking (Cinquain #1)

Fracking (Cinquain #1)

from injection
opens gaping fissure.
The whole process needs inspection.

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Adelaide Crapsey formcall to armscinquain formfrackinginvestigationprotest

My Long-Suffering Ukraine



We live in an unpredictable world

Where everything is so much twirled.

Each new day brings a surprise.

And how easy is it to realize

What can turn into bad or nice?


The evil today is a plan of some possessed

To destroy those who were by God blessed.

To turn into the colony Ukraine,

And the main: Ukrainians - into slaves.

The empire of greed craves the grav...

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PoLieTics - NaPoWriMo Day 2

We're all in this together,

we're here to represent you.

We will protect the NHS,

pensions, public services, free speech,

the right to protest, journalistic independence

and repair the economy.


But we must keep money

we NEED money.

Generators will not work without capital,

the magnetic pulse of the world will cease

and the crust shall become ...

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BastardsConservativesCutsEconomicsErosionFree SpeechHumanityInjusticeLiarsLibertyPoliticsProtestPut the N into CutsScamScammersScumTories

A civil war, where the mind is as powerful as the gun

I think we need a civil war,


‘Cos change can never come from petitions,

Whilst politicians don’t even make the decisions.

And it’s not about royalty or roundhead,

It’s more like Malcom X said there’s field slaves,

And those stuck in the house brain dead.


A civil war,


Overthrowing central banks,

Burning Union flags and oil tanks,

Knocking on ...

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You don't have to look far to see where we're headin',

Look at Greece and Ireland it's a bloodless armageden.

The Global Insurection Against Banker Occuption,

Is being fought on the front line by european nations.


Mothers and fathers skipping meals for sons and daughters,

The electricity's cut off, like the water.

Then it's out in the street,

The downbeat's com...

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I might look like a mortal man to you

Updated 2/2/13


I might look like a mortal man to you,

But I was brought here tonight just to speak to you,

From a higher dimension, where nobody is ever born or dies,

Where we don't get cataracts on our mind's eye.


Sometimes I like to sit alone on a throne of bone,

Made from children social services stole from their homes,

And kids who lost their souls in...

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Lack of information is obscene and cronic

Lack of information is obscene and cronic,
Holds you back like the bars of a prison that are socio-economic,
When all you know is what Fiona Bruce told you so
Why would you worry about GMOs from Monsanto?
In schools we're taught no sense of identity,
Like a man running for office, no personality,
Because they know if we had any sense of who we are,
There's no way in hell we'd let ...

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I'm from a land where

I'm from a land where,

Two girls on the bus to school is revolutionary,

Where we bury boxes full of our still born children,

'Cos experimental biological weapons more or less killed them.

Plus the starvation, and working on the opium plantation,

Whilst Halibuton gets paid to rebuild my nation,

MPs with hidden interests plan my leader's assasination.

From London to Lo...

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CorruptionDrugsAfghanistanprotestfree versegovernment

My Opinion of the Christian God is shitty

My opinion of the Christian God is shitty,

I'll put my hand on the Bible and tell any girl she's pretty!

Like a homeless child clinging to a pipe for warmth, steaming

Flithy, but I'll give her a cleaning.

If you think there's a difference between Tories and Labour you're dreaming,

Like two junkies and one crack pipe they're fiending,

Besides all the power's with the cent...

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protestfreedomreligionfree verse

Make a stand


Make a stand


You can make a stand against wrong-doing or stand for what is right,

You can make a stand as a pacifist as to stand is not to fight.

You can make a stand with a fist aloft or stand with a lowered gaze,

You can make a stand that’s popular or stand without seeking praise.

You can make a stand by marching or stand up by sitting down,

You can make a stand if yo...

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list poempensionspoliticsprotestStriketrade-unions

New X (30 years after the tragic fire)


On the 18th of January 1981, 13 young people died in a fire in New Cross, South East London (a fourteenth committed suicide after losing so many friends). Just shy of thirty years on, these are the contemporary reflections of a man who was a seven year old boy at the time. Widely thought to have been a racially motivated attack, more recent advances in forensic technology have suggested o...

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HistoryReflectionreal lifeLondonlossprotest

Who Pays the Real Cost?

Tesco Tesco

(audience) We say no!

Treating our land like

A big fat hoe


Tesco Tesco

(audience) We say go!

Destroying local businesses

Spreading GMO


We don’t need your no good

Cheap ‘goods’, low wages

2 quid battery chicken

Homeworkers of all ages


Working hard and gaining little

Being kept in poverty-

When you buy from Tesc...

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