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The Peoples Song

Come let us sing the peoples song,

We'll chant it as we march along.

A new world order has come in,

So people, Dance and sing.

So people, Dance and sing.


Wave your banners against the skies.

Shout slogans that mesmerize.

The people are one!

The people want fun!

They want someone to idolize.

They want someone to idolize.


When the peoples choice ...

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My Long-Suffering Ukraine



We live in an unpredictable world

Where everything is so much twirled.

Each new day brings a surprise.

And how easy is it to realize

What can turn into bad or nice?


The evil today is a plan of some possessed

To destroy those who were by God blessed.

To turn into the colony Ukraine,

And the main: Ukrainians - into slaves.

The empire of greed craves the grav...

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Eclipsing Karin’s Fracture




Eclipsing Karin’s Fracture

Fracture lines of frantic events. Pretty little German girl named Karin Ulbricht. Leipzig late 1989. Events so much bigger than just a mere pretty little lady. Daring to demonstrate for freedom. Do you know what you’re doing? Do you? Chasing a dream, not knowing what it is.


And know that you’re right, being in Leipz...

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