I'm from a land where

I'm from a land where,

Two girls on the bus to school is revolutionary,

Where we bury boxes full of our still born children,

'Cos experimental biological weapons more or less killed them.

Plus the starvation, and working on the opium plantation,

Whilst Halibuton gets paid to rebuild my nation,

MPs with hidden interests plan my leader's assasination.

From London to Los Angeles there are families who act like they're winning a war against us.

When just like me they never see the cheap labour or the weapon's contracts.

We just die in the wars, because that's what the army is for.

There are troops and drones but they're not here to protect us,

Just to keep the opium on the CIAs prospectus,

'Cos since the US invasion of Afghanistian,

The poppy fields have grown like US bases around Iran.

And you can sit back, tune out, try to switch this shit off,

But the inside of your ear's all warm n soft cos I already fucked your brain,

Where you liked it or not 'cos what I'm saying is real,

And even though today the bullets and the hunger you don't feel,

It's coming soon, to white suburbia next,

the prison- industrial complex.


I'm from a land where,

Dieing in guerilla warfare's a given,

If you want a better world for your children.

Because opium and Islam don't mix.

Like blood and oil.  Acid rain and our skin.

We sift through dirt for flecks of gold to buy,

A small piece of the bounty we send aboard,

'Cos the world's caught up in pictures from the surface of Mars,

Whilest families are moving out of their homes and into their cars.

It's cause and effect, do nothing your wrecked.

You'll be living in what you thought only happened to Muslims far away,

In the cold light of day, Osama was on the pay roll of the CIA.

They hold all the cards in the game they make us play,

And if they run out, they'll just print more,

Like the dishonest dollars and unsubstantial sterling we work for.


I'm just a pretender,

Living under the same globlist agenda,

As minds I try to render,

The difference is I don't care for the valueless tender.

But like a dog that wants to see it's master bleed,

I'm gonna rip off the hand that feeds.

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<Deleted User> (10062)

Mon 26th Nov 2012 19:19

Absolutely fucking awesome. Nice one.

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