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A civil war, where the mind is as powerful as the gun

I think we need a civil war,


‘Cos change can never come from petitions,

Whilst politicians don’t even make the decisions.

And it’s not about royalty or roundhead,

It’s more like Malcom X said there’s field slaves,

And those stuck in the house brain dead.


A civil war,


Overthrowing central banks,

Burning Union flags and oil tanks,

Knocking on the door of number 10,

Delivering rockets back to the government.

But it doesn’t have to be like that,

Be the change you want to see

Rather than giving a charity 50p,

Cos we’ve got problems, you can’t solve with money.

Or a Uni degree.

Most of which aren’t worth the fee,

But back to the story,

There’s a war on against us come Labour or Tory.


A civil war,  


‘Cos Obama’s not the new world saviour,

Soldiers leave no evidence after they raped her,

‘Cos they’re destroying the Earth, so get in line to save her,

They demonise criticism ‘cos that’s devilish behaviour.

Enslave you, degrade you, feed you prescriptions until you’re a vegetable.

Easy cannon fodder for a corrupt general,

But you’re death won’t make the news like contact by extra terrestrials,

More chance of sowing your face to your testicles.

You’ll know how it feels to be the Pakistani man,

Living in a foot hill, where drones kill,

They don’t call it war, cos only side has the drones,

Farmers feed their families whilst rockets take skin from bone.


A civil war


‘Cos it don’t matter who you vote for.

They’ll all send innocent men to camps like Guantanimo,

Paint visuals with hidden meanings like Michael Angelo.

Prince Harry in the paper for killing Afghan sheep herders,

I don’t believe patriotism starts with cold blooded murder.

A civil war, where the mind is as powerful as the gun,

And it barely matters what country cos you can’t run,

From the RFID and CID arms of this beast.

But don’t worry, cos my words are flowing like a missile, a heat seeker,

To land in the heart of every corrupt world leader,

Whilest I smoke weed in a cave with with Al-Qaeda,

Talking Guerilla warfare tactics with George Bush Senior.


A civil war,


Against this puppet show they call capitalism,

Politicians aren’t the ones behind the canvas

That made the mechanics and then planned it.

The real powers implanted,

Are never seen on the news understand it,

It’s in the branding, it sounds simple,

But misunderstanding means it has a difficult landing,

On the ear drums of the cynical.

That rely on habitually monopolised headlines,

Never pull them back and see the crimes.

A civil war, for every nation,

Where people don’t want to live under dictation.


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Wez Jefferies

Sun 3rd Feb 2013 17:06

Yes I probably should have tried to give this piece a bit more of an aim Philip, and I'm no more a socialist than a capitalist.

And Malcom X said many things, it's a shame that his more violent ideas are most of what you see but in many ways he was similar to MLK. And I would say that yes we are lucky to live in one of the parts of the world with relative luxary and freedom, but I would say we are generally only allowed to ask 'why?' within set social boundaries.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Feb 2013 16:25

There should always a place for the human question
But what is remembered now: the violent incitements of a Malcom X -
OR "I have a dream..."?
We have to be careful what we wish for and how to get it. There is unspoken "luxury" being able to live in a country that has the word "fair" in its vocabulary and the freedom to ask "Why".

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