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Lost & Found (And Other Myths)

Lost & Found (And Other Myths)


She couldn’t bloody find it

To fund the NHS

She swore that it was mythical

When the schools were in a mess


She claimed it was a commie myth

And we would all be broke

If we continued looking for it

And believed that beardy bloke.


She laughed at those economists

Who said we should fund community

If the country just believ...

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The Birkenhead April Fools

It seems timely, in more ways than one, to post this poem today. It was the local paper of my childhood, the Wirral Globe, which first introduced me to the concept of Fake News with its locally legendary series of April Fool spoof news articles. But it's chilling how close some of these have come to reality...


The Birkenhead April Fools (for Dot Humphrey)

We argue still, my Mum and I,

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Super Mum: Another Working Class Hero

She’s got two part time jobs

and works her fingers to the bone

a single mum with no support from him

but she made that house a home.

Empty promises of child support

to help to feed her pack

every bloke she’s ever known’s

always fucked off and turned their back.

She doesn’t feel resentment

she never has the time

if she gets an hour to herself each day

she swears tha...

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Why I Will Not Keep Calm and Carry On

With events across the pond, this seems an appropriate time to raise a little cry of defiance over the state of my own nation, and to remind myself that there's still some fight left in us...


Why I Will Not Keep Calm and Carry On

When I was young, the golden rule
of how to get along at school
was Keep your head down. Don’t make waves.
Don’t stand apart – you’re not that brave.

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Austerity -

a policy whereby a political administration inflicts financial hardship on the electorate for

putting its trust in a political administration.


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Capitalism Is Sick

How much is enough?
The question I ask
Of the shareholders rich
Who bring to talk
The board of a company
Who say times are tough
They only made billions in profits…
Disappointing, not enough.


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austeritycapitalismfinancial crisis

the budget statement, in full.

we gave you bread and circuses

now it’s bingo cards and beer

to distract you, so you’re unaware

your future’s disappeared.


© Steve Pottinger

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this could be Anytown
so long as there’s a KFC
a Poundshop
and bookie
this could be Anytown
where kids stay inside
on Playstations
and hide
this could be Anytown
where all the pubs are closing
because folk stay in
this could be Anytown
where the only things that change
are the traffic lights
and pizza range
this could be Anytown
where strange fruit hangs from tr...

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Entropy Song

The Union man gets up to say that rights he fought for day by day

Are quickly being snatched away. Hurrah the Union man!

He’s calling out to you and me to show some solidarity

And march beside the TUC. Defend the Union man!


The low paid worker makes a plea to call upon our sympathy.

The state affords him subsidy to make a living wage.

When public jobs are privatise...

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Fiscally revolting


(to the tune of 'coming round the mountain')



The Greek people they have had it up to here,

With those ‘haves’ that say these times must be austere.

Forbes’ list shows the same old picture

The poor pay up - the rich get richer

Publishing financial crimes without a fear.


Has the Parisian Republic gone berserk?

I mean, growth through spending... ...

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