Please Dont Send Me Home

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Please dont send me back home to my parents house.

I have a new home, and started my own family

So that I may forget the pain of where I was raised.

Please dont send me to my parents house.

Although I love them dearly,

I have my own kids to watch after,

And who will raise them better than me?

Who will raise my children while I am gone?

Who will care and love my children if I am forced to live back with my parents?


So Please dont send me home to my parents house!

Yes I love them dearly,

But they constantly argue and my father beats my mother.

My mother is a drug addict that wont quite,

And my father is an abusive alcoholic that used to beat me as a child.

So please o please!

Dont send me back home to where my parents live.

My new home is here.

I built my house from scratch with my own two hands.

I worked hard from when the fishes eat,

To when the wolves howl.

I worked and worked and worked To provide for my family

So that my children never have to live in the house I was raised.

I came to live here to escape the troubles of where I once lived.

So please....

       Im begging you.

              Dont send me home

                     To my parents house.

+the anonymous poet+


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Fri 17th Feb 2017 23:52

lovely. Thank you.

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