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Poets are not entitled


Poets are just people 

they fuck each others wives

they have hate and greed and envy

and ordinary lives


Karadzic was a poet

his words were worth forgetting

and though many still don’t know it

he was subliminally blood letting


Don’t place too high a value

on the access to expression

read a little history

and learn a worthwhile lesson



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CensorshipElitismSusceptibilityWake up

Big Brother TV

entry picture

Everything watered down as to not offend
There's no relationship you need to mend
WHen you've got the tv as a friend
Taking comfort in Big Brother once again
Your day feels like the one before
Sick of all your slavery chores
Throw everything down on the floor
To find out celebrity whispers behind closed doors
The A to Z of who's banging who
The story of the latest murder on the news
A zi...

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brain washedcelebrityCelebrity Big Brothercensorshipdumbed downliespolitically correctpoliticspure evilTV culture

Don't use a sword for a word

entry picture

True to
The saying
“The pen is mightier
Than the sword”
To your enemies
Deep-cutting and
Were every  of
Your  acerbic satire, also
Bitter-truth packed word.
“To ignore
His pen we ill afford
Nor could we
Fight him back
Word for word.
So covertly
Let us
Strike him  down
With a sword
About his whereabouts
Effacing a word!” they said
As a writer Baalu

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On Censorship

Given what's happening in America right now, I suspect it won't be long before the First Amendment begins fighting for its life.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share my most successful poem to date, though it's hardly a poem at all.

It is based on my experience of living in South Africa during Apartheid.


In The Tradition Of The Star


This poem is censored.

I cannot mentio...

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CensorshipProtestSouth Africa

Burning Books

entry picture

Listen not unto the lie that stings the lips.
Witness not the act that stays a pitied mind.
Speak not of the hatred that will crack the whips.
Let not those insidious be here enshrined.

Trample not upon the freedoms of your kin.
Take not which was never here for you to own.
Read not of the bitterness that splits the skin.
Write not of the malice that shatters the bone.

Reason with the lessons of...

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