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Grenfell Tower

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Grenfell Tower

Something stinks about this sacrificial affair 

This burning stench, will not disappear

It was not just the tower, incinerated that day

Hundreds paying homage, to Ramadan, prayed


Many Muslims died, in that pyre of a fire

Some told exact numbers, best not to enquire

On their holiest month, as Muslims gathered

The worlds media lied, and co...

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COVER-UPGrenfell TowerLossshame


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How can a lie

make the whole world cry,

yet they claim there is nothing to see,

where nefarious knaves

and the covetous crave

beneath covers so stealthily, free?


No thought for the plebs

as they weave dangerous webs

in a world already complex,

where the sins of the saints

have done nothing but taint,

confuse, deceive and perplex.


To forgive and forget,


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