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I might look like a mortal man to you

Updated 2/2/13


I might look like a mortal man to you,

But I was brought here tonight just to speak to you,

From a higher dimension, where nobody is ever born or dies,

Where we don't get cataracts on our mind's eye.


Sometimes I like to sit alone on a throne of bone,

Made from children social services stole from their homes,

And kids who lost their souls in the church from Rome,

We look down through the sky like it's an observation dome.


Trapped in a parallel dimension,

No longer here to help you like NATO intervention. 


Where your name doesn’t make you identifiable,

Cos we learnt history books are unreliable.


Where we’ve seen the invisible hand controlling the DOW Jones

We’ve already removed the brain chips and freed the clones.


No longer get brain tumors on the side of our head from iPhones,

And it’s our minds not our emissions that can cause holes in the ozone.


No longer locked in a depressed state,

Where a peace prize winner pillages and mutilates.


Set straight like Mayan planetary alignment,

Put Cameron back on the shelf and got out of confinement.


It’s easily done,

And it doesn’t have to be from the barrel of Mao Tse-tung’s gun,


Little changes from everyone,

Turn the tide and then it’s like trying to block out the sun.


But we see most people stuck on the lower rungs of the social ladder,

Are so caught up in the stuggles and daily blabber,

That thinking about the larger system that holds them down,

Is unfortunately beyond them.


◄ Lack of information is obscene and cronic

G.I.A.B.O. ►


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Sat 5th Jan 2013 22:03

Keep on! Champion the cause of the disenfranchised. A big thank you from all of us people that are stuck in the lower rungs!

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Laura Taylor

Thu 8th Nov 2012 12:44

Actually I think you should take all the previous ones down right now, and then post them back up, one per week.

Anthony's right - barely anyone will look at them now cos they're backed up into hyperlinks.

Your writing is interesting, and politically right up my street. Do us, and yourself, a huge favour, and put them up slowly and that way you'll get more exposure and the people reading them can ingest one at a time :)

Good performance piece this - enjoyed it, some killer lines

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 5th Nov 2012 10:52

Yes, what Anthony says! ;)

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 5th Nov 2012 02:47

Hi Wez,

I've been reading through your posts (you may wish to post them at wider intervals, they stay up longer and don't disappear from view, giving people longer to read and comment.) Interesting and relevant social/political observation. The best way to get feedback is usually to comment on other blogged poems - and respond via profiles. Welcome to WOL by the way! Hope you enjoy it here.


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