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(Up to August 2023, there have been SIX evidence-free attempts in the US to impeach President Biden. Each time Donald Trump is accused of a crime, his friends call for the impeachment of the prosecutor. Where will it all end?)


Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

All those who govern, judge or teach.


Impeach the man, impeach the boy,

The redwood tree, the cuddly toy.



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America Turns the Lights on (US Election)

The lights go on

And the darkness slips away, from

The podium

The Twitter fueled hate

The stockpiling of lies, we thought it was too late


But it Brings a better day

Brings a better day

Brings a better day


A tombstone is lifted

And people can now breath

Not suffocating from insanity

And his personal greed


It brings a better day

Brings a better d...

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bidentrumpUSAUS elections

The imbecile's verbal dosido


"Egypt will blow up
The Grand Ethiopian
Renaissance Dam!
Ethiopia ,a symbol
of Pan Africanism,
Could forget
Its development map,
For Egypt will help
Carry on colonial legacy
In to the future,"
So  did
A verbal dosido
The ill-famed abuser.

"We dote on Egypt,
Terror sowing
In Ethiopia.
Ironically a terrorist
My self
I will strike out
Sudan from terrorist
If it s...

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World's ever myopic president

It is right
It is right
'Only those
That stand under a tree
Know how ants bite!'

"Unless I saw things
Flaunting, I
Used not
Facts to understand!

In this regard
I often said off hand
'Concerning Covid-19
You could be off
Your guard
I do not agree
With a bizarre
Lockdown decree.'

Me if you ask
Why put not you
A face mask?
I will laugh
Behind your back.

While ...

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Inconsequential Madness

Fires seething, breathing, spewing forth
Molten vulgarities unto this earth,

Feeding on the despair and indifference of
A society that has rid itself of all those things
Which are true and good,

Nothing is intolerable anymore, for the flames
Have consumed all, beggar and borrower alike,
And smothered nature's sight,

For the heart which cannot see shall be mute to
All that could open...

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Pat Ethiopia on the back than stab it in the back

We are afraid
As we give you aid
We have the liberty
To maneuver your head
To the extent your are
Deprived a go ahead
To tend
Your  self-development
And self -reliance

"When money speaks
the truth is silent"
If you want to continue
Our client
Remember you're macilent
So  try not to be violent
Fighting back  with" Though
I'm poor I 'm somebody!"
'Cause,snobbish, we may ...

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Ode To Trump-Land

In a place not far away,

a place they call Trump-land.

Where the leader of that place is called,




or worse, on a bad day in Trump-land.


Some of his subjects have been heard to say,

that he has abused the sacred office he holds.

Worse, say some, that he has suborned the institutions of Government.

These days are the darkest of days, in Trump-l...

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PoliticsTrumpUS elections

The MAGA Hat is Dead

Hey you!
Yeah you with the MAGA hat
You’re like the filth of a rat
You’ve got the brain of a gnat

You pledge allegiance to a swine—
—that’s 45
You fall in line

I think you’ve been misled
by that inbred chucklehead

So let’s go overdrive
Swap that hat for a hive

I think you need some stings
I think you need to hurt

All the states that were swings are going to leave you in the ...

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Banish him

The President's locked in his tower

he doesn't know what to do

they're taking away his power

the Black Man, the Woman, the Jew

he tweets away the hour

In his silence he's off to cower

Come November let's make him boo hoo


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TrumpU.S. Election

Freedom to Breathe

Don’t wear your mask if they ask

just bask in your task —

–your task to free you and me to be and to plea:

“I can’t breathe through a mask”

“I can’t breathe through my nose”

“I can’t breathe through my mouth”

“I can’t breathe on my toes”

Breathe out breathe in

It’s no sin — you win

Inhale Exahale

Tell a failed pale tale–

–A tale of Michael who couldn’t breathe


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Banana Republican

Banana Republican


He’s totally bananas

He’s cowardly custard

He nods like a daffodil

His views are all mustard


He thinks he’s a dandy lion

He’s a long streak of piss

Frail as a buttercup

With acute jaundice


He smells of hell’s sulphur

His hair is fake blonde

And he looks like old weeds

That died in a pond


He tweets like a canary

That’s ...

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napowrimo2017day4. 65trumpyellowriddle

What Have You Got

TRIGGER WARNING: contains profanity and quoted use of racist language


What Have You Got?


What have you got

When you haven’t got a tweet

That will work on the masses

And keep them off the street

When your corrupt policies

Are all laid bare

And the people are as unruly

As your fake blonde hair


What have you got

When it all goes South

In pillow case ...

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63black lives matterday 2napowrimo2017police brutalitypresidentracisimriotstrumpUSA




Just inject it

Or swallow it if you like

I think that will be OK

Maybe shine a light

Or if you can

Get the light inside you

That will work, right?

Or pray

Praying’s good

Pray big

That should work

I’m an expert

I’m a big expert

There’s no bigger expert

Than me


He said it
I don’t believe it

He actually said it

What’s all this a...

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napowrimo2018day 2trumpdisinfectantbriefingcovid 19false truthmedical proofidiocy




Empty crucible

Once full of righteous fire

Now just grey ashes


The snake rears its head

Striking blindly at targets

That are imagined


Adopts power stance

Arms crossed - closed for argument

Pin head and big mouth

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napowrimo2020day 23usashape of letterstrumpamericatri-haiku

A Threadbare Year

A Threadbare year
Still too hot to touch
Those that were poor
Remain so
Those full of hope
Chocked on feathers

Ballot Boxes
Full of X defeating Y

Why this thread of decency and kindness
Has become a dye
Faded like a hippy t shirt
Folded away neatly
To decay and die

Instead they are puffed up bloated
And the I I I and ‘we’ will make our country great again
No matter how many

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new yeartrumpBoris Johnson

Hate on Tap

Hate on Tap






Three-word chant

Three-word chant

Three-word chant


Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!


Hate on tap

Hate on tap

Hate on tap


Sexist Trump

Racist Trump

Mister Trump:


No more of that

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Democracy Died

Democracy died in the Senate chamber
When Supreme Court justice was never heard
Through a guileless force of legal obstruction.
Respect for law fell like old holiday garland.
A complacent nation did not demur,
Thinking true fascism could not recur,
Power transferred to a political poseur.
A complacent nation watched it’s legal destruction
And Democracy died.
They quickly forgot what they ...

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merrick garlandtrumpmitch mcconnellfascism




America -


























Whitehouse -




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NaPoWriMo 2019day 19abecedariantrumpusa

Would or wouldn't?

Would or wouldn’t,

what does it matter when you are

President of the United States of America?

My god, what a farce of wordplay

or is farcical per se?

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In a warehouse, in a cage a child sits

In bits

Clinging to her only comfort a blanket of foil

And whilst we all recoil

at the horror on display

Theresa May declares although it’s not ok

 She will wait and chat in her special friend’s ear....  only when he is here  

Whilst umbilical cords of family ties

Are severed bleeding out amid cries ..............................

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There Are No Angels Here

There Are No Angels Here


Scraping around the vipers nest,

flaming swords and thrusting spear,

black spiders scuttle to the feast

but there are no angels here.


The dragon crawls into their veins,

hallucinogenic ecstasy or fear.

The demon bares his fangs to bite

and still there are no angels here.


The first-born rounded up and caged,

harvesting the mother...

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americacorruptionTrumpus foreign policy

Statues Fall

Before you read the poem... a few more to open in New Tabs!!!

On Boycotting the Sean Mac Eoin Statue Unveiling

My Ireland

Chicago May - the Mary Ann Duignan Story...


Now... enjoy the poem!

Smashing the Nazi Eagle statue in Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria

Freedoms cries brought the statues down
The Reich lay in ruins as a new regime
Promised freedom of a versio...

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The Digital Frontier - Bullshit Two Point Zero

We get our news in headlines and trending quotes

Despotic Tyrants hack computers to sway our votes

Egomaniacs trump their worth from their ivory towers

Politicians line their pockets with money that is ours

Whilst the fat cat bankers and the Global Corporation

Ruin our economies and sell our personal information


It seems the Arab Spring has sprung and broken

And Twits and...

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I’m a snowflake mate

if you like


beautiful crystal

joining others

in a blizzard

that will white out

your false politics

stop your momentum

as we drift

into insurmountable

impassable glaciers

and in an avalanche

of hope

bury you forever


I’m a snowflake mate

whether you like it or not


a few




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brexittrumpresistsnowflakeprotestclaim back

A Call To Peace

Let's unite in peace and make a plan:
a wily plan of mutual respect
to counteract the hatred in this man.
Let's do everything he won't expect!

We won't let goads and bigotry divide us
- let's evoke what World War II has taught us.
Don't let's patronise - let women guide us
when he slights our mothers, sisters, daughters.

And when he flays the vulnerable with derision 
let's answer bac...

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Hey Mr President

so what ya gonna do


All the stories

about you Mr Trump

bring concern

The girls 

you want to hump

The healthcare

you want to dump

The federal agents

you want to bump


What's true

is to be seen

You appear to 

be so mean

I hope it was all

a ploy

to get your way


Surprise us

Mr President

work hard every day


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He'll Make America Great Again

Don't give that man your tears today
Though it's dark now you'll find a way
Now is the time to laugh, sing and create
Throw the bile back at his tangerine face
I call on the punks, the poets, the artists, the revolutionaries and the visionaries, don't let the spark be snuffed out in vain
Come together and show him how you'll make yourself great again 

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punk poetrypunk poemTrumpdonald trumpamerican politicspolitical poempolitical poetry

Donald Trump’s felt

Across the globe

Even in the heart of Chicago with supporters

Chanting “nigger go home.”

Followed soon by the lynch mob and the hanging tree

Welcome back America it’s 1963


Donald Trump’s smelt


Like a poison gas in the air

It’s the Mexicans the Muslims even your wife

“I’m just saying what’s on your mind and giving you a gun (license) to take them out”



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