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The Barge

It’ll take 500.

in cabins with twin bunks

It’s not a Cunard liner

No need to bring your trunks

There is no captain’s table

Nor cocktails on the deck

No space for any loungers

On this brutal prefab wreck

It’s a worry for the fire brigade

Whose natural concern

Is how to evacuate the inmates

Should it ignite, and burn

Did I say inmates? A Freudian slip

But this ...

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Politics For People Who Don't Do Politics

There’s politics for people who do politics
And politics for people who don’t do politics,
And the politics for people who don’t do politics
Hides behind the politics for people who do politics
Who say “You all need to understand the politics”
To people who say “It’s all the same, the politics”
While the politics is laughing in their face,
And ripping off their money to give it to their mat...

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The Body Politic

Politics lurks everywhere we look:

Politics of dithering and backtrack,

Of scaremongers and big-boy nostalgia.

Nowhere to hide. In the US of A,

Blusterman is lying through his teeth.

Meanwhile, the same old suspects starve,

Or steal to fill their bellies or their habit,

While, next door to this, others lead their lives,

Trying honesty to round off each year’s end.


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In the beginning, God [early draft]

And in that first wailing cry my ashes were ordained:

As the ocean acknowledges its horizon,

knows infinity's finite edge

so my cry knew a destiny

knew my play and my learning

my work, my leisure, my sleep

the evil of my hands and the goodness of my heart

my loves, my hates, my pleasures.

Knew my world: that tiny flesh held all my futures

and in those fragile bones resid...

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Captain Crappy Rides Again (Or 'God Help Us')

Does he know that he’s lying

Or is he perhaps past caring?

Or has he now crossed that line

Where rights and wrongs intertwine

To a point beyond repairing?


Do we care if he’s telling lies?

Well, it seems that some people do;

They’ve had it up to here with him

And for the moment things look grim

For the Captain and his motley crew.


Could it be true he’s finall...

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Does anyone care?


Old-world women gossip

Disgorging air and candy floss,

Talking, talking, talking.

Just trumpery coming across,

Irrational chatter

Mindless natter,

Suffrage, forgotten, such a loss.


Old-world men jabber

As they prop up the local bar,

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

Taking ignorance far too far.

Incoherent prattle

Constant cackle.

Franchised rights, or an...

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Back To Square One

So I have borrowed few words

No, not from the dictionary of civilization

Yet civilized enough in their own terms


At first they observed my intentions

Diving deep into my desires and design

Perhaps to measure my honesty or hypocrisy


The day was bright as usual like our lies

Everywhere the newspapers were shouting

As much as they have been instructed



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The Dark Passages

Sleepless nights and the

Monsoon rain, drops after drops

Sharing little secrets besides

Greenwood trees. All alone!


I, like the other homo sapiens

Behind the closed doors with

Abandoned theories of truth

In conversation with myself.


Under all the hidden floors

History with frozen steps

May start its own story

Hushed and covered up!


The obvious is ...

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We Don't Trust Them

We don’t trust them.
Those giants who rule the Earth;
those fallen ones who stole our dominion.

We don’t trust them.
Those royal descendants of “gods”;
those of the divine blood line.

Why should we trust them?
They live in castles even today,
while we still cower in caves.

Why should we trust them?
From days of old,
we die in their wars,
we beg to consume what they own.

Why sh...

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Rule Britannia


Find an island teetered

On frightened migrants, barrels of oil, 

And African diamonds.

Find a child swathed in red water, 

defiled by the law of the man up top,

pockets heavy, conscience ready

to burn and claw at power

To grovel, devour

To fester in Westminster

the cries of innocents 

talked around, spat on

With self-serving ambivalence

A game of bla...

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