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My Opinion of the Christian God is shitty

My opinion of the Christian God is shitty,

I'll put my hand on the Bible and tell any girl she's pretty!

Like a homeless child clinging to a pipe for warmth, steaming

Flithy, but I'll give her a cleaning.

If you think there's a difference between Tories and Labour you're dreaming,

Like two junkies and one crack pipe they're fiending,

Besides all the power's with the central bank and they're schemeing,

To continue to take away our freedoms and they're bound,

To uphold the fiat money system we call the pound.


I've got a bomb boxed and addressed for Mervin King,

Another for the presstitues who tried to sell us on the Arab spring,

You carry these headlines around like a wedding ring,

They're making you head sick so soon you'll need your brain in a sling.

They turn away from Libya as soon as Tripoli was burning,

They turned a peaceful land into one that's now war torn and mourning.

But it doesn't fit into the mainstream news storyline,

So I guess the UN just got away with another crime.


Oh yeah, that's right, I meant to talk about religion,

And that group of brain dead racist conserative Christians

Who took Jesus' face... and painted it white!

Forgetting he was born amongst the people they now want to fight,

Gluing heresies together and calling them right,

Using a book to justify murder with no contrite.

Their moral double standards go unseen like ultraviolet light.

They tell us these forgien devils just can't see the truth,

But they're the ones selling hate to our youth,

Supposed Gospel truth.

There's an ignorance there that I just can't understand,

Like walking out unarmed into no man's land.

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Ged Thompson

Tue 29th Jan 2013 21:32

While i dont agree with it all mate, its a really good piece

well done again

keep the faith (-:

That made me smile

Steve Smith

Mon 5th Nov 2012 10:43

Like your stuff, Wez. keep the faith.
Stephen Smith

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