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The Dark Passages

Sleepless nights and the

Monsoon rain, drops after drops

Sharing little secrets besides

Greenwood trees. All alone!


I, like the other homo sapiens

Behind the closed doors with

Abandoned theories of truth

In conversation with myself.


Under all the hidden floors

History with frozen steps

May start its own story

Hushed and covered up!


The obvious is ...

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The Birth


I am the only one, all alone

With none to be substituted.

I am the solace of the sufferers

Everywhere around everything.


I know the secret numbers

To unlock the mind.

I know the dark chamber

Of the soul in eternity.


I overwhelmed the waves of

Our history, surviving along

The time scale of nuisance

Standing erect over the debris


Of beliefs fro...

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We Don't Trust Them

We don’t trust them.
Those giants who rule the Earth;
those fallen ones who stole our dominion.

We don’t trust them.
Those royal descendants of “gods”;
those of the divine blood line.

Why should we trust them?
They live in castles even today,
while we still cower in caves.

Why should we trust them?
From days of old,
we die in their wars,
we beg to consume what they own.

Why sh...

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