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First Grade Pandemic

One thing I now know for sure,
a pandemic fuels power trips and paranoia.

Takes you back to first grade when everyone, 
except your best friend, had cooties. 

Playground bullies made all the rules, 
their favorite game was keep away. 

You better listen to them, 
or you will rue the day.

You wore Halloween masks, 
through suffocating sweat.

Take it off,
no candy you get.


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All the social distances you need

All the social distances you need

Roll up, roll up have I got a bargain for you
All the social distances you need
Measures for all.
A size that fits
For you, and you and you and you

Let's start with something simple
Just half as long as a Volkswagen Beetle
The length of a King size bed
9/10 as tall as an artificial Christmas tree
1 and 1/5 times as tall as Napoleon

What about some...

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She died in a

Care home before the

Pandemic, from

Complications after a broken hip.

She helped see off Hitler but

If granny had lived

Would she have

Seen off the virus?

During the War she worked in munitions

Her factory got bombed, she

Made ammunition for the boys at the


In the care home both her

War-time comrades

Choked to death for want of testing...

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Poems from The Lockdown

entry picture

PRESS RELEASE 23rd April 2020 PRESS RELEASE 23rd April 2020

Poems from The Lockdown

Poetry anthology available Amazon and elsewhere from 18th April.2020

Every country on the planet has been affected by Coronavirus Covid-19, with many countries in Lockdown; where social distancing and self-isolation are now the new normal.   

We at, Willowdown Books, believe this anthology, and other po...

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The Up-Side Of Lock-Down

Lock-down came at a bad time

We'd been daggers drawn for a while

Now we're in each others' pockets 24/7

I'd forgotten that you never smile


Careers kept us safely apart before

We were ships that passed in the night

Now I must endure you in the light of day

I must say its not a pretty sight


We try to keep out of each other's way

Coded messages signal the kitchen'...

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How I wish the world was more quiet

I really hate all this hurly-burly

Too many folk are chattering

Some of them getting quite surly


Next door's lawn mower's buzzing

Birds twitter like a string quartet

My dog is howling at the postman

Soon I'll strangle that damned pet


Someone's hoovering fit to bust overhead

Pop music is screeching somewhere

Today even type...

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gaggravepandemicquietsurgical mask

Ghost spring

Ghostly creatures.
Distance, restriction,
Non existing life.
I miss deep kisses
And hands on my body.
I miss warm words
And expression.
Nature goes on,
Blossoming in competition,
Nurture me with sunny spells
On empty train stations. 
Spring in my heart, 
But not in other's hearts. 
I want to explode, 
So full of life. 
Blow all the ghosts away, 
Past shadows of the winter. 

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Corona Virus

Corona Virus is sweeping causing panic and fear

Many lost to it now. It's in the uk it's starting here

Pray that a vacine can soon to found 🙏 

Stop the corona in its tracks, don't hang around 


China god bless you, so many you have been lost to it 

Do something God, make it go, we don't need this sh..

Pray that is all any of us can do. Pray people won't you

Banish and stop...

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Climate Catastrophe: Pandemic and Pestilence

Epidemiologists and public health ethicists have been grappling for some time with the near certainly of widespread disease pandemics resulting from climate change. Changes in non-human animal migration and human migration will bring extant pathogens to new populations as warming releases long dormant pathogens on the world once again. Large swaths of the population could be wiped out in an incred...

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