Real Room

I miss the way you make brews too weak,
Served up with endless biscuits,
I miss the way the room goes quiet,
When we howl with childish laughter,

I miss stealing words,
Between cries of our children,
Time standing still,
As we ramble through weeks again,
I miss lifting each other up,
Plotting schemes for the future,

'Thank goodness for videocalling'
I say it, it's true,
But oh, how I long to share a real room with you,

Free therapy,

The best that we knew,

Toys strewn, tea brewed, souls-filled, 


Real room,

An hour,

20 minutes,
10 minutes 
Would do. 


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Tue 9th Feb 2021 11:40

It's getting really tough now isn't it for us social creatures. Hope you are reunited before too long.

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Brian Hodgkinson

Mon 8th Feb 2021 22:20

Pain is hidden behind every word: the pain of longing. Well done!

I haven't seen my fiance in about a year. We live on the phone. I breathe painful longing at times.

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