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she conjured my fate

juggled my dreams

with her visions my memory teems


I was treading water

sitting on my hands

she took me off to distant lands


hands that soothed

performed illusions

making sense of my delusions


shelter in her cloak

solace from her eyes

with my pain her mercy vies


that charming smile

she shone abroad

seemed to lift my...

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A Nymph's Tail

On the isle of Ogygia,
the nymph Calypso reigned
where violets blanket the verdant plains
& fountains flow with sparkling waters

Calypso’s magnetism
transcended what any mortal could dream,
the daughter of Atlas held Ulysses prisoner
ravishing him for seven years
in nightly orgies

her kaleidoscopic beauty
inebriated him submissive,
but the night after night
of bacchanalian carousin...

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Glad Eye

The pandemic's killing the divorce rate

Those with any sense are not straying

My wayward tendencies are history

These days I spend my time praying


What good is my cute smile anymore?

Why bother all that dressing to impress?

When you're stuck in the house bingeing

How to find someone nice to undress?


When I do venture out a mask is essential

But my George Cloone...

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Oh My Goodness!!

Some girls dress up adequately yet often they let the fabric stay so bodyhugging that they unintentionally let you know what they have worn inside outside. She may not have any intention to showcase but our minds often read that she is about to seduce someone - some one dear to her or some one near to her. Wrote few lines after falling to such a perceived seduction trick.


Wee hours and the...

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seductionerotic poem

Seductive Yellow & Blue Attire

Your ravishing signs, my nefarious designs,
Back’s blue, that facade is yellow…
I wonder why I’m the fellow,
Stalking the beautiful and pristine,
Trespassing the seen unseen,
Modestly though changing the lines,
Headed to where, destiny destines.
Precarious thoughts, yet they assume,
Blatant efforts, my eyes assure…
Capturing you, cynosure…
It may seem quite bizarre,
My stalking you coul...

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Killer's Instinct

When the eyes do the wine effect,

When the lips turn aroma on…

When the halo transmits magnetism

My mind thinks a hundred times,

How she would be in real?


I mostly happen to see her image,

And there she is defying every age.

Miracle born, miraculous charm

She stirs me from beneath…

And I simply wonder who she is!


Novel attraction or a cute tease,


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Intoxication To My Greed!

Intoxication to my greed,

Somehow you have sown the seed…

Your chair rests near or apart;

I know how much I bleed.

Matter of time or circumstance…

I don’t judge this distance,

All I know is my need,

And it is you who does feed,

Intoxication to my greed.


My apology had nailed the pursuit,

And I slowly distanced away…

With no regret albeit with many,

There we...

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Prayer Scented IncensearomaseductionHeavenly Invitation

maybe mayhem

*Original date true, minor format edit in '²²


maybe you're amazed by mayhem.  sweet mayhem.

chaos colored lipstick screams, tumultuous as she licks her lips

a wild and tangled disarray, her hair - a disheveled decadent disorder

cascading down past swaying hips

rolling, undulating as she slips

her thoughts into your consciousness

ideas driven by desire i...

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