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A Love Poem

writing love poems

is a loveless act


never will I write again

a poem for my beloved


cause love is not in words

love is not addiction

love's not toxic, nor a drug

never will I love like that again


cause my love doesn't need a poem to cry over


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The Promenade of my Thoughts

I enjoy my solitude
Alone with my words
Can't count on you all times
But on my words I do.

I never get upset
That you're not how I wish
You'll never be, those bits I gave you
Still claim their independence
And that's the thing I love the most
Knowing I am a contradictory being

My words are canyons
I cannot stop getting lost inside them.
I'm gonna write my whole life through
And carve ...

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A simple definition of love

My life 

The sky

Your smile

The high

My neck

The clouds

Your back

The crowds



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When you get out of bed in the morning
You shrink your feet to fit the flip-flops

When you eat your cereals
You shrink your stomach to feel you're full

When you dress up
You shrink your body to wear that pale coat
You shrink your colors because this season's trend
Is pale

When you go out
You shrink your thoughts to suit your pals
You shrink yourself to fit all those places
You have outg...

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My unworn dress

This morning, I played an old record
- the one you always turned off
Just to hear the music with my own ears
It had as much dust
As all the mornings I didn't listen to it
Because your ears didn't want to


Last night I wore that dress, the one you don't like
Just to see how it suits me
- through my own eyes
And when you saw me 

you told me I was beautiful


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loveout of loveperceptionrelativity


We lose each other once in a while
We find ourselves in others
most of the time
We may meet some, fresh living and brand new
Forget about the ones we lost, completing one another

Or, on the contrary, at times
We meet again - how different
Forget about the new ones
And turn our faces to the bits of ourselves
we have missed in each other

We live through people
I live through you all
You ...

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your fingertips are pulsing

from all that touchlessness

where do you leave your fingerprints

when no human skin is around?


your hands sniff touch

sniff skin

and they find you

tangled being, hanging plant

with your roots in the clouds


you touch yourself and discover

that you have human skin

below your mind's weeds

underneath you vegetal body

so you i...

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