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OUR NEW NORMAL Life during a pandemic. Already change is challenging for most. If we had a choice or I should rather say, control things would remain the same, people's thinking would never evolve, but we don't have control over anything. Change is inevitable; it is an integral part of being human. Going about our lives blissfully oblivious believing that we are the captains of our destinies, then Covid 19 hit, and everything we knew collapsed. Everything that makes us who we are; human contact, friends, families ripped from us. Replaced with fear, simple things like human closeness said to be the reason the virus was spreading and responsible for so many deaths. This past year has forced us to not only change our habits but our complete way of life. I would never have imagined we would live in a world where to stay safe you must keep 1.5m apart. A time when we desperately need each other for support, for comfort instead we are doling out "Corona hugs". Friends and family are dying alone and the ones left behind bury them with very little if, any support. A world where every trip outdoors is a risk, covered with protective wear, filled with fear. So much relief when you return home, undress at the door and straight in the shower to prevent any unwanted germs in your home. Our new normal looks like this; • Masks are compulsory. • Queuing is expected- so go early. • Public transport is not so overcrowded. • Every time we hear someone cough or sneeze - we freeze, everything goes silent or we slowly back away. Sadly it has been drilled into us to be hyper vigilant, encouraging an even bigger divide between us. • Fortunately, personal hygiene and hand hygiene standards are higher. • No Socializing at sporting events, gatherings, bazaars or fetes so families are spending more time together indoors, However, things are slowly going back to normal. Before we know it, we have adapted because that is how we are created and we have settled into our new normal. As a survivor of this disease, I still live with irrational fear and anxiety. I was responsible. I did everything I was told to do and I was still infected. The best way for us to survive this Pandemic and the change in our lives is to change with it. Anger and depression are normal now, however, acceptance is healthier. So get creative. Create new routines. Use online platforms to stay connected to your friends, family, and community. for my birthday a friend of mine had party boxes filled with goodies delivered to each of us and we had a Zoom get-together. Yes it was not the same as being together in flesh and blood but it was not bad, it was just different yet the spirit of friendship was still felt. The sooner we accept that this is our lives now, the better. Remember we are all walking this unchartered road together. We have never faced a battle such as this. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to one another, And the humanity and compassion reborn from this global tragedy ... nurture it, so that it may grow strong long after the virus has gone. Love each other, we will get through this. Take care and stay safe. ShaakieraS

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