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A life without rules
No teachers No schools
I actually can't imagine  how that feels
No authorities ..difficult to picture
No leaders
No scripture
No currency
Living free
No morals..No flaws Flawless
No rules..No Laws..Lawless

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The Feminist Friend

Everyone’s having babies

Everything’s just turned up a whole notch of crazy

They must just think I’m lazy

But I too, could really love a baby


Makes me feel quite stupid

I’ve never had luck with cupid

Life doesn’t come with a blueprint

But really did for you, kid


Never been dripping in diamonds

Couldn’t find a man to afford them

And even if he offered

I’d ...

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Britannia Waives The Rules

Britannia Waives The Rules


Rule Britannia?

Britannia waives the rules

Encourages returning to the pubs

Puts students back in schools

One rule for the inebriated

One to avoid uneducated fools

The slavering wolf of commerce

Rolls its bloodshot eyes and drools


Britain’s never, never, never

Shall be slaves?

Burying its vulnerable

In Covid-shallow graves


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A padded patch piled on another padded patch
And another
Tunnel vision of Rome through a classless square window
Inability to look down side to side or up
Just straight forward
Like a race horse wearing blinkers
Rome looks pretty
Although I see no famous landmarks or Roman architecture to suggest this is rome
I just know
To describe what i see through this square portal is quite impossibl...

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CHOOSE LIFE, choose getting fired, choose beating the system, fucking the system, fuck the system. Choose office politics, small talk, polite talk. Signing birthday cards for people you don’t even like. Choose snacking because you are bored, eating cake because it’s there.  Filling up the coffee machine, smiling once you’ve done it. Choose getting praise for work you hate, hating work for peo...

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Writing 'proper' poetry

Peppercorn eyes or was it peppermint eyes, does it matter?

Something...orginal eyes! Something blazing eyes...something dreamy and crapper.

Yes, so he tasted of morning breath and the blandness of saliva

but just write that he tasted of strawberries and hope because that sounds a lot nicer!

...Wait... stop! The ryhme is off!

Can you have more ryhme this time, less variation.


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School Rules

School Rules


I have to say with words I play so much it ires some peeps

But those that like to listen still are my friends for keeps

Whilst back in school my rhymes did rule too much from time to time

In English class acceptable but in History t'was viewed a crime


One day we had to tell the tale of Henry and his wives

But I was bored and pepped it up with a few comic as...

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Dusty Books

Dusty Books


I'm a poet 

Not a mechanic

If the rhyme breaks down

Should I panic?


For each syllable stretch

And stumbling scan

Do I search for another

Or act like a man


Must the purpose I scribe

Be for passing a test

Or maybe some mention

Of a tale with some zest


I think the audience tell 

If they like it or not

And may offer a silence


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