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Sick Santa

social distancing scorned

masks impede his beard

visor scares the reindeer

spooking as he steered


medics shave his whiskers

off with red festive attire

reindeer pining for Santa

cough softly at their byre


tube down Santa's chimney

no more season's greetings

in a coma Christmas begets

few hale or hearty meetings


drones take Santa's place

icy pla...

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sick Santamasksvisorsreindeerwhiskerstubecomaelvesnursesvaccine

The Untouchables

The band blew till ten o clock

A crooner crucified the blues

Humming was the marble floor

My feet hot in crocodile shoes


Dancing like this is no good

You can't do that anymore

Getting close to a stranger

Risks death from every pore


I held you closer in my arms

You rumpled my new coiffure

I felt your heart beating wild

Dreamed of a bedroom door



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By The North Star

Unlike Robinson Crusoe

They got marooned

Without a ship-wreck but

They'll still lose track of time,

The old folk

For out of sight of land

They're snagged in a


Wondering will they die,

One way or another,

Before its over.

I know for I'm in the same boat except

It's been longer.

Yet they are the lucky ones for

They've had a life, while for


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north starrobinson crusoeship-wreckboatvaccinelocked down

The Up-Side Of Lock-Down

Lock-down came at a bad time

We'd been daggers drawn for a while

Now we're in each others' pockets 24/7

I'd forgotten that you never smile


Careers kept us safely apart before

We were ships that passed in the night

Now I must endure you in the light of day

I must say its not a pretty sight


We try to keep out of each other's way

Coded messages signal the kitchen'...

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Locked Down Locked Out

Its a pain in the neck and no mistake

Locked down, our busy lives on hold

But what of the billions less wealthy

Forever locked out in the cold?


Locked down or locked out

Are two very different fates

We blandly wait for a vaccine

To benefit our richer states


In Africa the virus is poverty

Immune to vaccines and drugs

Kids locked down all their lives


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locked downvaccineviruspovertystarve

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