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Love on the Allotment

Their love on the allotment bloomed in early Spring

This was a lasting passion, no fleeting seasonal fling

The seeds of it were scattered in an afternoon of planting

Which concluded in Myfanwy’s shed with groans and furtive panting


While Carwyn sowed his sunflower seeds she tended to his plums

They shared a packet of McVities best, nibbling on the crumbs

When Spring turned i...

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Peace In The Garden

Memory is elastic
and I can’t help but stretch it
thinking back to chasing sunsets
Atop my motorbike in Thailand
enthralled and awed
complete abandon
I never believed 
that moment could be bettered
I never thought
life could be more generous

The air is hot today
frogs skitter on the pond
flowers all in bloom
A cat curled on the deck
the outstretched arms of summertime
Gentle, ease...

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Thunder rumbles and I wonder
What change will this bring?
The sky darkens, and clouds swell 
Pregnant with the promise of rain 
A single drop begins to fall 
And our apcalypse garden sings with new life

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A Belabored Gardening Metaphor

Fertility varies from place to place.
In my hometown, cilantro would take over
The yard if you weren’t careful. Some
People don’t like the smell, but I loved
The fragrant flood of mulch and pollen
Whenever I mowed. (It was the only joy
I found in mowing.) A cilantro haze
Always encircled by volunteer chilis
Standing as spicy sentinels guarding
The perimeter of the lawn with indifference.


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Sunset Over Lupset (August 1968)

Sunset Over Lupset (August 1968)


Lupset sunsets smelled of bonfires,

undercut with new mown grass,

wild mint by the kitchen window,

treasures in the strawberry patch.


Father sat with pint of shandy,

The mower cooling in the shade,

the rake stowed by the garden shed,

the kids with sparkling lemonade.


Summer sun dips on the estate

dragging shadows from th...

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Home Sweet Gnome

Home Sweet Gnome
When the lights go out and no ones about 
In the gardens of our homes
There comes the cheery, happy, shout
Of  our friends the garden gnomes
They know its spring and work they must
They have a lot to do
The secret work that goes unnoticed
By the likes of me and you
There’s a hive o...

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The Rose

The flowers unfold

as I pick the rose

walking in the park

way after dark

with my boyfriend.


I lift the rose

as i climb the fence

wondering what the passer-by thinks

of me and my boyfriend.


he lends me a hand

as he stands on the pavement

smiling with his eyes

this handsome man,

my boyfriend.


the passer-by stops

as i be...

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