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Take a Penny, Leave a Scar.

I'm just a number,
Put me in the back.
One of these days,
I swear I'll fucking snap.

Always keeping it in,
Forever pushing it down.
One day I'll strike this match
And burn this place to the ground.

Empathy is a curse,
A color I wear well.
I'm sick of always wondering
How other people feel.

I don't take care of myself,
I just bury my own bone.
I'm always there for everyone
But I'm al...

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A Hunger

Cracker Barrel shouldn't make you cry. 
That is a sentence that no one should have to explain.
Facebook, should occasionally make you cry.
That's a sentence that I think most people don't have to explain.


Sad children in a country that I probably couldn't find if I researched every piece of paper with any writing on it in my house.

Which is a lot.

Just for reference.



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