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As I write, each line reaches for memories

lost, fallen beyond the edge of the world:

kamarupa dwelling in infinity, fading


when my lines do not find them

and my words fail passion and desire.


Eons, lost pasts. Which of them

could dream my frail dream of this

verse? Which, thrown


across the fabric of time, could make

nothing everything?

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coins in the fountain

coins in the fountain


when you tossed coins into the fountain

did you make a wish that might come true

or only a wish that you can wish for


they say the grass is greener

on the other side of the mountain


but they also say she will come

riding six white horses

when she comes


is either true

or are these only things others have wished for



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roped together

on a cliff wall

keep going for there's doom should we stall


momentum counts

never look down

you look enchanting in your wedding gown


hope for no rain

dry grips better

black granite's awkward when its wetter


below is what

we left behind

up there who knows what we'll find?


the air is rare

birds swoop and cry

into ragged fea...

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Last Night

Last night as I lay thinking, you sneaked into my head 
I tried to turn you off from thoughts, but you stayed instead 
you made me remember valentines nights from long ago 
Me and you out for the night, kissing dancing slow 

I remembered how you said you loved me, and I you 
Then came the laughter and the places that we knew 
making love was easy that was before the war 
then out came a s...

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Morning calm

A world of desperation. 

The face and the faceless. 

Indescribable yet on the tip of my tongue.

Impecability holds the key to power.

I stare out over the city on my park bench throne.

The morning hours calm my mind. 

Crows speak in their own tongue. 

I reflect on a night of dreaming. 

The number is 4. 

Time to let go of what I can no longer carry. 

My saving grace is ...

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Bed Time



Do you ever lie there at night,

With memories running through your mind

of times gone by, to come, to never be?

I heard meditation lets you slow these down,

See all of them at once or not at all,

To just be there - thoughts floating through your mind

like tiny boats sailing the wind in a breeze,

Peacefully gliding through your consciousness

Like a kite rippl...

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Travel Sickness

I sat all day in the corner

awaiting a call on the 'phone

but when it came through

the voice that I knew

was nowhere at all in the room


The nurse that called me much later

knew where I was travelling to

but she never heard

the call of the bird

that flew in my traveller's dream


The doctor gave me some drugs

to keep the malaria down

but the pills that I ...

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I would....

I would stand infront of your door,
at night, letting the soaring rain pour.
I would call your name over and over again,
until you open your eyes and remember the dreams we had.

I would whisper sweet things to you,
that's exactly what I used to do.
I would make you feel beautiful,
do you remember how I used to prove it to you?

I would come back home with flowers in my hand,
God I woul...

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On the Beach

Between the wooden breakwaters

I sit on the flinty stones

to watch the grey sea

waves rattling the beach


That foaming water

that was once the horizon

where I sailed

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You would think that I would have a handle on this Based as I am in no space, with no story but the road But those who let loose in raves surrounded for miles By pavements, they think that they can achieve That state, there, in Clubs in the basements of high-rises. Maybe they know more about this than the lion in the zoo. These faces come and go, family is far flung across The...

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When I Am A Sleep Or Awake

{When I Am A Sleep Or Awake} 


When I am a sleep or awake I dream of you all the same 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer Originally written in 2016 but posting here on February 15,2018 





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Cooling Towers

Parking the car
out by the cooling towers
breathe the quiet in
lit by the moon
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those sad miles behind me...

Remember when we were nineteen
kissing in the back seat
tucked into the kerb
lit by our lust
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those mad miles behind me...

When we were nineteen
everything was a fire
everything was flame
but everyt...

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October 2017 Collage Poem: The Strangeness of Dreams

Birds in their time

Snatched by roaring winds

To dream of whatever is there


In the shadow is a haunted face

As another lies awake waiting now


Water, rising, frogs, fish, fins, brushing

The legs as they passed by


The hazy days of summer

And all that racket

From next door

Wish I could sleep!


To dream is to sleep

To sleep is to dream

The myst...

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2017Collage poemdreamingstockport write out loud

no title

It's time for bed,
the walrus said;
and so it is as now.
It's time for bed,
and so my head
is ready for the bow.
But words still gait
upon the wilt
of never and the row.
And gone are they
that hope and pray
for ever and for thou.

It's time for bed
the moon has said;
yet ever in her tide,
the moon is dead
and night has fled,
and dawn is by her side.
So wilt the sky,
in blossom ...

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I know you're out there 
I can hear your voice in the wind that rustles the leafless trees 
Like them I'm waiting for Spring 
For warmth 
To grow again inside love 

I'm searching for you
I chase my shadow in the fading colours of the setting sun
Look for your message amongst the stars 
Face upturned 
Bathed in moonlight
In awe of the universe

I've dreamt ...

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You say that I'm a dreamer

and so I may well be

but the dreams I have

aren't just for me,

they're for you and all to see.


The dream is of love,

of life free from harm,

a dream of peace and

shelter from the storm.


The dream is the lifeblood

flowing deep in our veins,

the dream will always be

for all to see

and all that remains.


The dream is t...

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When there are no mirrors
I am young again
Sitting in the warming glow
of distant years
The aches and pains
will all be gone tomorrow
The days are long
and never seem to grey.
Parents are in another room
just out of hearing
The T.V has three channels
all black and white
Three meals a day
are sitting on the table
The bonfire smoke
creates the evening dusk.

Another time I...

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drowsingsummer stormchildhooddreamingmothernostalgialoss


Just like everyone else

except your flames burned brighter

more smoked burned my eyes

you had prettier words

your lies seemed more believable

your poison tasted sweeter

you had me convinced that when i cried

you were singing me lullabies

so i smiled in between


and choking

sniffing and empty

a paradise i loved

but you're somewhere else

holding the s...

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I will fly to you tonight
Through owl flecked sky.
Embrace in the dance
Of love delightful.
Kiss your sweet lips
Encircle your waist.
With my arms
Feeling your heat.

Searching for your rose
Petals of mountain dew.
Touching my woman
A wonderful thought.
Look into your eyes
To your very soul.
Kissing your lips
Giving myself to you.

Days speeding by
Soon you fly to...

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dreamingtravel love thoughts musing

Bye your Side

I forgot to send a poem


Writing to her today
I was carried away.
Forgot the poem
Not the love.
Reaching out
Spirits entwined.
Instantly transported
A thousand miles.

By your side

Watching you this morning
In my mind’s eye.
Rising gently
I turn my back.
While you bathe and dress
I smell your womanly warmth.
Involuntary shudder
You sense that I am there.

A smile rew...

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dreaminglove poetry


My first poem, written in the mountains in Northern Cyprus.


With one wing he
The evening gently with her.
She did not see, but I think felt
The warm air change;
Did not see, but knew
Her wing was healing.
Guessing his hands and heart moved
Weaving the scented air.

Flying in circles
Through owl starred night.
Cannot see but feels her
Smiling, moving warm air.
Gliding on the ai...

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wings seriesdreaminglove poetry

Too Dead for Dreaming

I look at you

You don’t look back

You can’t hear what I’m saying

Blinkered, you start to backtrack

Into your world of playthings


I wish you’d join me

You never know what you might see.

A thousand fountains – a million forms of ecstasy

A trillion ways to make your brain cells dance

But you won’t even try, your pupils are too blind


I’ll speak to


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The robin sang his song to me,

When I walked out by Galmpton Quay.

Alone he sang at twilight's gleam

Beside the darkening Devon stream.


I am life, his sweet song said,

An angel's voice above my head,

Exulting in his melody,

The robin sang his song for me.


The tiny songbird touched my heart

That day beside the dreaming Dart.

My spirit soared as...

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