I Aim

I Aim


I aim to be as true to all 

As I have learnt from being small

Tell it like I see it when I'm clear

Zip my mouth if I'm not my dear


Now as time rolls on I find I still

Have a very strong unbending will

None too shy to state my case

Toe to toe, face to face


Tempering the above with concern

For others views where I may learn

More about this world we share

Better when we all do care


My joints may creak a trifle now

The hair has gone I will allow

My beard's been white for many a year

And the waist is wider now I fear



Still I find it odd to see 

My father staring back at me

When I pass a mirrored pane

For inside of me, I'm still the same



July 18th 2008



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