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You’re right

3 years ago, I viewed frogs as aliens

Now I wonder whether they’re angels

Months ago, I hated the sound of songbirds

Now I write their songs

I tweet along

Everything I did, I did do

It still was

Even if it no longer is

Whatever I am

I still am what I was

Even if I no longer am

You’re right

I was right and now I’m left

But the person I was hasn’t left

It’s just a different reflection

It’s just a second soul

The way life adapts, changes us all

We run like the faucet

But we don’t disappear down the drain

Instead, we are reused, renewed, recycled

Never kept the same

Morphing into hot, cold

Liquid, solid

Breathing oceans

Running rivers

Or forming into stagnant pockets of rain

I once thought all people were green on the inside

Now I get so far into their heads

That without cracking them open

I know they run red

I used to adore love and crave being saved

Now I am enamoured by space

Forget Santa, I used to believe in dragons

Now I’ve reduced my list to ghosts and spirits

I loved beef and chicken

Now the guilt makes me gag

I loved my boyfriend

Now I prefer dating women

I feared other people

Now I fear myself

I couldn’t trust my actions

Now I only act in measure

I was wrought with hyperbolic emotion

Now I’ve almost no feeling or devotion

Things change, people change


We evolve faster than Darwin could fathom

We shapeshift quicker than the seasons

Faster than the timers ring or bells cling

Not necessarily for better or worse

But nothing stands still in this universe

Take it as a threat or comfort

But YOU will change

In the blink of an eye


Of you and I



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Graham Sherwood

Tue 7th Feb 2023 14:35

Interesting to note that (in opposition to what you say in your biography) you have returned to this piece, a year on, what made you edit? I would be interested to know as my initial views on editing have changed tremendously over the years.

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John Botterill

Wed 2nd Feb 2022 13:56

Very perceptive observation of the human condition and fine poetry. Bravo!

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Wed 2nd Feb 2022 12:35

Thank you Graham - great to be back. Hoping to write more again 😊

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 1st Feb 2022 13:05

Welcome back Alexandra!

One look at the tags associated with this piece is a massive clue as to the difference, the change in mindset that you have undergone. Still the stream of consciousness style/machine gun/ knotted rope style that we have come to recognise as your own.

Well done as always, wish you were here more often.

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