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Be kind.

Her hair covered

Her head down 

A baby in the push chair 

Not one familiar place around.


The shop girl served her,

Speaking loud and slow 

The lady understood 

What their was to know.


I sensed a patronising tone,

As the shop girl spoke 

The lady didn’t realise 

The condensation invoked.


The man with the tattoos

Stared and screwed up his face 


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New Year - New Beginnings


All we can do makes no difference
All that we see makes it worse
All that we feel is more pain
All that we say is useless
All that we are is dust
All that we want is
Impossible unless
We take the
First step.



I know that I loved you,
And more than a little,
But now you are gone.

I feel...

Too heartless to beat,
Too lonely to need,
Too empty to c...

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