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Shouty Face

I think that you are quite unique,

From ear to ear, then down to feet

Sat atop your mind you speak,

Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet


Lots of people seem the same,

They live their lives and play their games

Now and then they use their brains

But not too often, ain't that insane?


You are you and that's what matters

So ignore, the chitter chatter

Small minded thoughts that pitter patter

Are nought but noise, and bangs, and clatter


Live your life the way you want

Take no notice of the taunts

Negativity and jaunts

But be the individual detante


Now someone special this way comes

Speaking loud in twisted tongues

But take you this as rule of thumb

Welcome each and every one


For lessons learned and moments noticed

Are the things which we hold closest, 

Silently we hold our protest

And wonder what we miss the most is


Don't lose yourself in other persons

Whose opinions only worsen

You were here, you were first and

Before their arrival 'you' was working


Take no stock in what is said

By Jane and John and Faye and Fred

Pay close attention to your head

Failing that your heart instead


Individualindividualityself worthself beliefthick skinpersonalityconvictionmotivationinspirationinspirationalstrong mindedstrengthwillfulnessunique

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Thu 22nd Mar 2018 05:45

thank you for this! i needed a reminder to myself.

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