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Sometimes I look around and observe how people do life in a way
I look at reactions and the way situations are dealt with from day to day
I feel alot of it is front and alot of people suffer paranoid minds
I tend to stay in my own bubble lock the doors and close the blinds
That's the way I prefere right now
If you come in to my world then you've broken my barrier somehow
It means I trust you...

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character defectJelousysuperficial


After my observation..  social media nation it is clear to me
Many seem to not be who they appear to be
Showing us only what they want us to see
Looking 20 you're forty-three
Look at me my life is flawless
Photoshop profile when they're already gorgeous
"My kids are my world" O.T.T
We all love our kids obviously
You dont even like him jog on do one
"House work done....

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Fakesuperficial"social media"


He scratched his temple
And peeled off his eyes
Reveaing his sockets,
Dark, unfathomable.
I held my breath
I was scared to death
"Please put them back", said I.
They were fake."

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