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container of seeds
no place to reap
a radiator tucked behind
forgotten over time
they didn't see
the happening underneath
tensions rose
students on their toes
gloves off
weapons sought
no sticks or rocks
but a garden box
sudden pause
oohs and awes
couldn't believe their eyes
what a beautiful sight
brows unfurled
picking buds for girls
bouquets taken home

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"The Ropes Are Fraying And Soon I'll Sail"

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“The ropes are fraying and soon I’ll sail”
pencilled grey
along the edge of my notebook page
a heart-breaking phrase
sure to inspire, somehow
Flicking through, I read it again
and pause to lament;
That boat washed out
its anchorage severed
silently, in the night
no words, no words
He’s gone
and into that sad darkness 
so many other ships would follow
The town seems quiet this e...

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Time is My Fall

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Now in my senior years, I look at time differently than when I was in my twenties. I can look back at ten-year intervals and see how time affected me. The older I get; time becomes more precious. I seem to have wasted a lot of time. In my youth I thought I was invincible and had plenty.  Then my thoughts were; ‘When I have time…’ Now time is shorter and I am not sure I have enough time. Makes one ...

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A Single Mom

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Single Mothers

A rare breed of women
To each their own,
Guiding and protecting their kids
Making a safe home.

She is a Queen in Multitasking
She can whip up a full meal,
While fixing the kitchen sink.
There' nothing she can't deal.

She lives to be of service
A commitment she holds dear
Remembering her responsibility
To her home, means the most here.

She's a mother with the b...

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split and
inner clatter
missing rung
on Jacob's ladder
soul grows
from lies
dragged up
in a ward
double edged
no chance
to bloom
for creativity
no room
like a
nothing lasts
stories i
can tell
secrets hidden

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What if I'm not good enough?

What if one day they realizes they're better then me and go to somone else.

I know its early, and I shouldnt stress over it, but anxiety is real, and sometimes you listen.

Yet when this happens you must remember, everyhing happens for a reason. 

They like you. They care for you.

Focus on now, not if.

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Shouty Face

I think that you are quite unique,

From ear to ear, then down to feet

Sat atop your mind you speak,

Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet


Lots of people seem the same,

They live their lives and play their games

Now and then they use their brains

But not too often, ain't that insane?


You are you and that's what matters

So ignore, the chitter chatter

Small minded t...

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In every way I see a flaw;
moves, looks, shape and personality
Above all I see a human
Beautiful through all these flaws
Those eyes; light to a beautiful girl
That spirit; really cant contained but have I real desire
I'll be sure to met you outside;
In a life when we are not behind bars

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inspirationalthinking while dreaming


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If Blood is Showering Out of Your veins,

If the Lesions & wounds are Giving you Pain

And Even If Circumstances are Showing your Death,

In spite of that, Fight Till Your Last Breath.


No Matter If you are Sailing On a Tidal Ocean,

No Matter If conditions Prevailing give you Tension

And Even If There is No Time Left For you to Regret,


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Charlie Clark

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Charlie clark.

Huron high school has Randy as a coach.

Animal. What my dogs are.

Randy, the coach for huron.

Lebanon is a country.

I like pizza.

Eat pizza everyday.


Charlie Clark

Live everyday. Die.

ABT’s are food I like

Rabies is a disease

Kalahari is a place I go


Thank you

-Charlie Clark.

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How beautiful is this rain pouring down
Lovely silver droplets all around

Beautiful silver drops falling down the lane
Washing away all unhappiness and pain
Kissing the green trees bringing them to life
Making us realise that happiness follows all strife
How beautiful is this rain pouring down
Lovely silver droplets all around
The rivers and little stream let's are gushing in joy 
The b...

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There are times, that at times, That you feel so bad,
that you can't admit,
That the times are bad, that you feel that the times, are the worst at hand,
That, you are the crumb, you are the bum, and that you are so completely done
At the time at those times,
they are your strength, That help you forget,  the things you regret, the best you create.

At the times at those times,


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To Live Dead

The child wasn't abused
No, not abused
That seems like too much
Too harsh a description
More so punished
"Punished" is how they put it
But he didn't know any better
So he kept following along
As blind to his own eyes
As deaf to his own voice
As unfeeling of his own emotions
He couldn't stop the feelings
For he wasn't the one to cause them
No, he could never d...

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Ottava Riva - NaPoWriMo Day 8

Another attempt at my paternal tongue.

Un altro tentativo di mia lingua paterna.

And though I beam with pride as I'm learning.

E anche se mi fascio con orgoglio, come sto imparando.

I'm aware that translated, the metre is wrong.

Sono consapevole del fatto che tradotto, lo strumento è sbagliato.

But this language pulsates to my yearning.

Ma questo linguaggio puls...

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Christ Love

entry picture

The following poem is Christian. I am a Christian,

but I try to be flexible.






Heart beats young heart beats old, with

a love of Christ your heart beats bold.

Be ye rich, be ye

poor, with a love

of Christ you'll

have so much

more. The rain

falls on just

and unjust.

But remember

Christ rain


the dust.


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