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Who moves these keys,
Who wriggles this tongue?
Who bruises us?
When my fingers twitch,
and my muscles knot,
and my panic boils over.
It has been months.
What work has been done to develop these crevasses?
A weeks pay,
Will that smooth out the particular rotted groove?
I find you counting the freckles on their face,
How else could you stomach eye contact?
I wake up screaming words I mu...

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We'd made love as usual

A heavy night in the sack

After breakfast I told her

I was never coming back


Inexplicable the only word

Why so drastic a measure?

What impulse drove me to

Quit a house of pleasure?


A bitter taste in my mind?

Neurosis bending my head?

Maybe the new marmalade

Made my psyche see red


She'd always been restless

The place in a...

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Evening Class

Eight Monday evenings for two hours

"Psychology for Beginners":

Ego, super-ego, id

Neurosis by osmosis, Freud, Jung Adler,

Cognitive therapy, Gestalt, Twin studies,

Attachment Theory


I never knew how unhappy I was

I'm half-way through now, a mass of

Symptoms, fresh phobias

Nesting in my head, making sense of what caused

Those empty evenings to start with.



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