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Boy on the Shore

A boy on the shore
mesmerized by the sight,
swelling, looming, threatening,
terrified by the sight:
of a thousand giants ominous,
all revolve the doors
opening the abyss.
Fell liquid black and dark,
With waved despair and gloom.

There frowned above
in blended gusty height,
an evil face
on the approaching night,
its insane howl taught
the inky monsters below,
akin to the deep,

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Incantation (A Song for Winter)

Stay with me, I beg you
You’re all that I have left
My safest place
Greatly, I fear
That the more I think of you
The more you will fade from me
Like others that I could not keep 
You are all the spirit I have within me
My intangible dream
Without you
I would know nothing of hope
If the light you give 
Should be smothered into smoke
I would not fight the dark
I would hav...

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