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Stephen Atkinson on Your Scar (1 hour ago)

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entry picture



 Where is Wales in this library

 Between wooden shelves

 Or sitting obediently

 With more confident

 Bulkier neighbours

 Is she leather bound

 Or plastic covered.


 Is she hiding quietly

 In the reference section

 Grimacing silently

 At teenagers

 Playing with phones

 Holding chewing gum



 Or is she at the de...

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Also by David Subacchi:


David Subacchi.Welsh Poetry


all went smoothly as our spacecraft made touchdown


the night was bleeding


distant hills etched in mystery


Gregory went first

then Maitland

and I watched them lumbering


heard the thin pleading note of voices

through the helmet

"wow, just like I thought it would be!"

"Sure is, same thought as mine!"


Mars unblinked, its channels escaping.



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Also by ray pool:



Two months of getting nowhere fast
Of being mired in mud;
In need of respite
In need of hope
In the furthest corner of my right eye
Out on the flank
I see something gleaming;
A glimpse of something bold
With a whisper of promise
And a whiff of sweat and steel
March is striding in
Bringing a fresh strong arm
A sharper blade
A stronger shield
And with his ...

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Also by David Lindsay:

Red Letter Day | Census Report |


to a special friend

To a special friend


It’s over now, can’t you see?

There’s no more left for you and me.

We tried and we worked

We fought and we cursed.

We reached a stalemate and got stuck on a loop.

I can’t be your pillar, your friend or your hope.


We crossed paths, we loved.  There’s no more to say.

We can’t spend our whole life tied up in this way.

Youth is to be spent and p...

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Also by nonlovogliodire:

your eyes |


3 Write

entry picture

3Write is a new free monthly writing event at the heart of the local community in Ashton-under-Lyne. It takes place every first Saturday at Ashton Library starting at Noon on Saturday 5th March, and is open to people of all ages and abilities.


The premise is 3 themes per session, and 3 styles of writing per session. We then 3Write. With the growing spoken word scene in Tameside (with big p...

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Little Boy Blue

entry picture

The world is a merry go round

A roller coaster on rocky ground

The day is coming for a new born celebration

An explosion of love and good vibrations

A child of mine has lit the flame

Her life will never again be the same

Hey up grandad what’s the story?

Hold your head high and bathe in the glory

A miracle has occurred haven’t you heard

Confirmed conception that’s the wor...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

Love in Your Eyes |

My work, "The P.O.T" (Sample)

entry picture

I have a collection of poems, titled "The P.O.T".  Below are excerpts of the work.


The P.O.T (Poured Out Thoughts) is analogous to water being poured out from a pot to the ground. Here, water is a representation of thoughts and the ground represents the peoples’ minds.

It is a collection of poems that draws its thoughts from the interests of inspiration, motivation, spirituality...

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anthologiescollection of poemslong poemspoemspoetspostpublishers of poemsseeking anthology publishersshort poems

The Gravy Train

The gravy train is getting worried . Because the source  could be drying up . After years of indulgence and having their way , there are lots of people who now want a say . Their lives have been taken by Austerity being made to forget all there dreams . These fat cats have indulged in the gravy train , whilest the British are suffering it seems . Our human rights have been taken away , by country'...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Have Our Say. | Junior Doctors | Paying Our Way |

A Herd Mentality

If one pulls
A sheep astray
The flock is sure
To move that way.

To fish in a troubled water
De-constructing history
Thwart we could
The old social fabric of unity
And create we shall
A generation
Suffering a crisis of identity!

“Ask me not why
They are better than
My  peers and I
Also sensitize me not to deny,
What I see with my naked eye!
In attire,grooving,life style ,
Cosmetic ap...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Realizing His kingdom | Expect us not to believe | Inequalities of all shades(revised) | Inequalities of all shades(revised) | Ego-rocking words | Must Your Gratitude Be A Knife? |

Cultural Imperialism

Safe Space

The Jewish question hangs between us
I note the flinch in the eyes.
But do not understand why.

Perhaps it is the imagined assumption
that she might rise as smoke: too.

And so we back-peddle, for the brake.
And, talk of semi-colons
and grammatical Latinate imposition.

As if the bundled faggots of law
might extricate, an ill judged word.

How careful all speech must be
when thoughts are cr...

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Also by jeremy young:

What You Won't Read in the Guardian | Scorta | Impression IV | Impression V | Kitsch | C'est une Pipe | 1968 - Black Lives | Letters Found | Between Stations | The Virtue of Chastity | Eden's Loss | ecce homo | the muslim's tale xviii | the muslim's tale xvii | the muslim's take xvi | the muslim's tale xv | the muslim's tale xiv | the muslim's tale xiii | the muslim's tale xii | the muslim's tale xi | the muslim's tale x | the muslim's tale ix |

Roller Shutters



Locked out

Looking in

At you


The mortice




Side to


Held by

A very






Missed you

On your

Tip toes








Until lips


The ground






Didn't hear a sound  


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When you lit that cigarette

The bones of me shuddered,

The blood in me halted.

What I wouldn’t do for you to light my flame with your lips....


Because I’ve had men tell me that my lipstick tastes of petrol,

That my mouth lights fires,

That my tongue causes explosions

And of course, that opening my legs is the best way to put a fire out.


But this fire begins at you...

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Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

The stranger on her neck | Layers | Blood Knot | Grisly Girl |


A common language

Woo, woo let’s go,

Hey, hey, hey

Aerobics on Pier 1,

Not on the sidewok,

You sit and eat your big bureedo


I can’t do this right now

Like, I’ve gotta see my therapist,

I’m on the sidewok right now,

Eating my big bureedo on the sidewok

With all that land of the free, home of the brave

Madness, fear, eyes closed pretend end


If you really close your eyes tigh...

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Also by Tramping Artisan:

Love your life scar | Brief encounter | The things the fuck my head |

be here-this might help

I would'nt cry if I were you.

Start again

become loose

become visible

inhale the music that is to come

there is always something for the heart to get dressed up for

awake with the flowers

get giddy and roll with the punches

be part of the not left behind crowd

shine as though you mean it

laugh at lightning

break the tension and write in wine

enjoy the taste of w...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

argumentative nature of the beast | slag | fork in the road | last post | dangles the spanner | out of depth | sea change | envelopement | cold comparisons | absorbing rejection | Heavenward | distanced | impotent | Passing through | Chain cutting | Late pre Winter stroll | Assuming in mono vision | Ideal hunk | Void | Dirty girl! |


Peacetime made him a stranger

To a life that had been denied;

Returning to unknowing city...

Quiet town and countryside.


Peacetime made him nervous,

Despite being a warrior before;

Now changed beyond all understanding

By what he had met in war.


Peacetime brought its own fears

And new battles to be won,

With fervent prayers that what he'd known

Would not b...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Forth bridge

There is always

so much that needs doing.


When it is all done.


There is always so much

that needs doing.




Patricia Wilde Feb 2016

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Defiance! | Scallyism | Departure | Granddaughter | Proof of insanity | Billabongers | Gottle'o'geer | Pouring of the hearts | Striped and spectorial | Rough diamond |


Recall through the face at the door

that saturday morning one solid blank

grey window, scrubbed slab

beyond, several feet and more

laid the catapult, a pointed edge

from a distant acre fed, wind-side.

The concentric pattern in velvet

curtain brushed my hand as I reached

to turn and swing, oiled lock routine

the knives of cold the comfort

between the welcome and rain


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Also by David Blake:

Cold |


In Limbo


Thought of texting you

And share entirety

Even and odd

Stored in self-shelf

To soothe its wounds and cuts

Asking your commitment

And its validity

Handful “ifs” and worried “buts”

Fueling my anxiety


Abbreviated connotations

Of “goodnight” and “take care”

Emoticons against

Clenched flare

Cheery “whats up”

was answered in snubbed “nothing”

Seems ...

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Also by Juhi Gupte:

Genese Within |

poem love

A Single Child

A single child,

Trapped behind rows and rows of wooden bars,

Longing for the warm comfort of their mother.


Their lungs ache in agony,

Wanting and waiting,

Their tiny cheeks ridden with tears.


They shake their small cage

As they grow tired and agitated.

Why hasn’t she come yet?

Doesn’t she know I want her?


They sit in defeat,

With sobs turning into te...

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Also by Isobel Grace Clarke:

A Single Tear | A Single Knife in the Kitchen Sink |


Would it be

Would it be


Would it be nice to see the morning

With the one you love the most

Would it be nice to say "Good Night"

to the one you hold so close


Would it be nice to hold someone

So dear in your heart

Would it be nice to hear those words

"I Love You" from the one that you love

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Also by Geramar:

fall in love again | (untitled) |


Aging tulips bow their

Crisp oxblood heads

Like dying embers


An elegant silver blade

Anxiously points toward

The obsidian window


Frail with disappointment

I stagnate by the sink

An inert phantom


Surrounded by walls.

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My disease is rampant. How dare I plead for mercy, when there, innocence lies, asleep in the crib?

My corruption on the floor, at war with itself, all night, disturbing sleep, and dreamless sleep.

The endless nights, redundant. Offensive life, that keeps me trapped inside myself, an animal, caged within.

The soul looks out this dirty window, screaming, still inaudible.

Someone hea...

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Also by michael cooper:

Eleison | Doxa | Dry Ankles | Dormition | Lethe |

moving closer

stop touching me!

and we watch


then touch.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Taxi at the door |




What a night 

changed my whole perspective 

tiny square piece of paper

dissolves on my tongue 

hours of deep thought 

time filled with colors and laughter 

the world is big 



I’m just a kid 

someday I’ll have to wear a suit like my pop 

pay the tax man 


stand the picket line 

I just wanna get laid 

drink beer 


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Also by Eric Broke:

The Academy | The Valley | Lip service | Isla Vista | Sleepy | By the Bay | When we speak | They | It falls |

acidchange for the betterpoemshort poemSocial Observations


entry picture

(You can see that I'm on to a winner)


I’ll tell you a true story and I think you’ll find it funny.

I’d gone into the bookies where I often part with money.

I fancied a quick flutter as occasionally I do

On the Referendum we’ll soon have on the EU.

Although I’ll vote for “STAY” myself, cos that’s what I believe

I rather think the stupid British will decide to leave.

And ha...

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Also by John Coopey:


The Endless Search

Colourful tapestry banners cloth weaved words

embroided in a wealth of creativity

Write Out Loud contribute their poetry

stories endorsed by needle and thread

the endless search Heart of Stockport

many are found not just one.


Unpicked:Restitched an exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery

The rich heritage of Stockport now till the 22nd March.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Taste The Wine First |

Where is the Heart of Stockport? An Exhibition of


An infinite amount of colors and I chose one.
To be wrapped in gauze and done.
Left to hang for some time now,
To open like a caccoon and dropped to the floor.

From there I soar and soar
Until my feet have met the ground.
And here I see a marvel to behold, golden gates to what waits behind a massive wall.

I draw near to get a better look,
Golden gates open with a brown wooden b...

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My own poetryno formal skill and simply out of the comfort of m


when you are hurt

emotionaly or physicly

when you put up with everything

because it is the easy way out

when you return battered and bruised

feelings hurt, ego lowered

you start to say is ok

becuase you arnt worth any thing more


it stops now

i stuck up for you

what do i get in return



the moment i speak up

the day i stop putting up with it


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Fuck Fear

entry picture
"I'm scared," I begin.
I sit on edges of canyons
Run off sides of mountains
And jump out of planes
But I've yet to let you see
How my heart quickens
To the rhythm of your social justice diatribes
To the mischievous smile in your eyes 
To any part of you grazing any part of me.
If I don't die on some mountainside
I'll surely die from my silence.

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Someone like me...

Its life that we live,die & sustain,
All we can see are the puppets behind curtain.
I was searching in the ocean of darkness,
All I got was creatures with harshness.

But I think I've found someone like me ...!!

I bind my self with stubborn rule,
which is as crazy as any bull.
cause I am surrounded by ruthless thieves,
who stole my life and gave me only griefs...
I got cheated with dag...

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Am I suppose to be first or last,, do we really have a purpose or is life just chance,

thinking of the time when I was young and now addiction is what I become,

Running around like all I need is fun, but all I want is a life of love,

Broken faith, fear and rage, cigarettes butts and liquid with nasty taste,

Time goes by,

And the more I waste,

Sitting here in this empty place,


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The midnight moon mirrors in her immaculate eyes,
Portraying reflections of thruths of which I am already aware,
Illuminated by moonlight her flawless features astonish my mind,
My own deception upon my love for amative feelings I bare

Body and soul posessing unfathomable beauty,
In which my conscience is unable to manifest,
Her appeal to thine eyes is accompanied by continuity,
For I long ...

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Also by Nathan:

Beauty under a facade | Self applied societal demise |

face slap

Maybe I should, 

       because like a hooker

You suck 

You sucked my sole

       and you can surely suck my silicone


You enjoying that entirely too much for my comfort.


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Eggs, Fudge and Arctic Roll

Eric is an intern, yes he’s doing this for free
headset wrapped around hot ears
counting all the crates of beers
ripped jeans show his puny knee.

Backstage riders take the piss!
Clipboard says an item’s amiss
The schedule’s tight; he’s been up all night
Too late to get it to the concert site!

Budgets are exceeded; the helipad’s all booked
Dressing rooms are ready; just hope it’s overl...

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Also by Anna Ghislena:

I can't take my eyes off those silver boots | Feedback |

Backstage ridersbandsconcertfoodinternsmusicrock and roll

Ode To Lely’s Venus

entry picture

She crouches in the British Museum,

Cowering shyly from visitors come

To admire her there, warily bathing,

And startled without a stitch of clothing.

Covering her blushes as best she can,

With her arms and hands strategically placed;

Staring as they progress,

Wandering on their pedestrian plan

Pensively pausing as they fondly faced

This beautifully sculpted Roman goddess...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Storm | Of Starlings | Poets Anonymous | They Are Not Gone | Event Horizon |

It Was to be the Tale of Heroes

He took out his pen,

He put it to paper.

He ran out of ink,

Writing his name.

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Also by Corr Lens:

In Not So Many Words | Fuck It Why Not |

Thrill of the Compass Spin

The fizz, the ghostly drag
invisible hands guiding these wanton bodies
I feel my compass spin
drawn in endless circles

Can I claim it as the artist’s curse
the love for new adventure
the pleasure of magnetic hearts
freshly spinning so close to us
whipping the iron filings of our creativity
into some explosive blur
a manifest black energy

But is it a curse at all
the thrill of the c...

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Not the killing type (Part I)

I try not to question my humanity

and let me be damned,

but I’m not the killing type.

Only sometimes

I want to put out someone’s eyes

press them in or pluck them out

like the clear plastic baubles from a lifeless doll.


Like a force majeure,

rip the bricks from walls

watching architecture crumble and tumble

the relics of a past age fall,

flutter like shredded b...

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Also by Leo:

Writing poetry is harder than you think | The Reunion | Happy Valentine's Day |


when I could feel her apprehension about her midriff,
Id have her walk up to me, cradle her hips
and rest my forehead on where her ribcage ends,
sinking in between the movement of her breath and breast
as she soothed the scars where the barcode used to be,
feathering nails at the nape of my neck
those scars and stretch marks id kiss better
as we'd both shudder, creak, and moan soft...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

crusade 2 (02/22/2016) | scavenger no. 5 (2/16/2016) | the nightmare of the spray (01/02/2016) | mulholland (01/30/2016) | winter shuffle (01/31/2016) | goldenrod monologue (02/97/2016) | caps lock purge (02/05/2016) | weren't odessa 3 (01/09/2015) |

tragedy of being totally fucking unkillable

Chapter 22: Girl, Can I Tell You A Wonderful Thing?

entry picture

She looked at me with those green eyes

Gentle eyes that told a story of hard trials

Stories yet to unfold,

Tales that must be retold


She said, By the time I was your age

I’d give anything to fall in love

That’s when I met the man of my dreams

My knight in shining armor


So many days we awaken to morning blues

Making love under the sunrise

With passion within ...

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Also by Keith Williams:

Chapter 21: Find You | Chapter 20: The Music is Gone | Chatper 19: Secret Ingredient | Chatper 18: Overthinking |


The Last Button on Wood Street

Bianka danced all night with Igor

left him in a spree

A baby in a rucksack

his wallet in her teeth


She sold her son in Northampton

because Igor’s credit cards turned to dust

For three thousand quid, then Valium

She’s addicted to laxative lust


Misses her solder boy sometimes

He is never going to call

What the fuck did she expect from him

when she fleeced h...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

The Twelve Steps of Poets Anonymous |


A shade of tear in my eye

& they say I am meek!

A thousand broken pieces in my heart

& they say I am weak!

No, don't take my shoes..they are my skin,

Go find me a burial,

I gotta search the Gods!

To all the heros you have...

You have failed in saving mankind,

Nature is not into marvels or animes!

I dream of superpowers...to save myself,

The world of betraying belie...

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Also by Rims:

Illusion |

The 'LOVE' Month

Love is Tolerance

Forget Romance 

Roses and Rum.

Forget sympathetic Sex.




WOL, SALE, February, 2016,

Challenge:  5-minutes - 14 words ; Subject: LOVE


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Wind from my Window |

Guilty Pleasure ....

I pull you out 
Smoothing your creases 
Lying you flat so I can 
Fill you with 
A sweet mixture of guilt 
And poison
There's artistry in my fingers
As I roll you expertly
(From years of practice)
Along your length
Into the shape I desire
I lick your edges 
Firmly sealing you with a feather like touch
I place you lovingly between
My lips
Flicking the flame 
That will bring you to li...

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Also by Pixievic:

The Fey Queen | Sherbet Lemons | Humans & Poets | Somewhere | In Crisis | Poet Brain (30w) | Just in Time | A Whisper from the Moon | Your Words (Haiku) | Aftermath |


Safety Deposit Boxes In The Sky

safety deposit boxes in the sky
must i
safety deposit boxes in the sky
wish i could live the life in a safety deposit box in the sky
a capital flight commodity
a ghost of spaceships float satellite moscows and beijings
qatar to our city rich kids
wall to ceiling ceilings hang ceiling to ceiling floors
i shall set my controls for the heart of this rabbit hole
the dead cat bounce on the roc...

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Also by Suki Spangles:

Mind That Child |

Chicago May – the Mary Ann Duignan Story…

entry picture


Mary Ann Duignan was the daughter of Francis Duignan of Edenmore in Ballinamuck where she grew up, and Ann Grey of Mohill in Leirtim. From a poor background she would rise – or fall as we may see it! – to being one of the biggest conwomen of her time, who would call herself the “Queen of Crooks”, in time though, the law caought up with her and she died in poverty and obscurity. She was th...

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Ballinamuck Chicago May Diamond MayEdenmoreMary Ann DuignanMohillThe Queen of Crooks

Not So Fleeting Love Quotes

What are you searching for?
Are you running blind?
Do people need to read your love quotes for what you have to say?
Will it really change their lives?
Why do you need to change their lives?
What makes you so special?
We all feel hurt 
We all feel happiness
We all find happiness and feel hurt differently
Wine is great
How do we relate?
We don't need to force ourselves to relate
We do h...

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Also by Alex Banner:

What Are the Different Types of Love Poetry? |

lovelove quoteslove quotes for himquotesquotes for him

Seam Less II)

entry picture

I'm not sure when I started divorce proceedings
against myself
told him to get out 
we're through, of all those false promises and lies.
Your ability to crush a butterfly 
and complain it bit your hand.

I'm not sure I can stay with you..
til the bitter end
I suppose...
I could take us down a notch or two 
and just try to be 




(from seam less FB)

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Also by David R Mellor:

Seam Less XII |

Ubi caritas

entry picture

I was asked for a free translation of "Ubi caritas" (http://www0.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Ubi_caritas )

As friendship fills our meeting-place,
Jesus is here;
he dwells in every friend's embrace,
each smile sincere,
rejoicing in the love we share.
Wherever love is, God is there.

As friendship fills our meeting-place
Jesus brings peace.
Divisions heal, and by his grace
Arguments cease.

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Also by Marnanel Thurman:

Nonbinary song |

It Was 50 Years Ago Today

For those interested, the IWFYAT afternoon poetry reading sessions on March 26th / April 9th have been subjected to a slight tweak: they will run from 3.30 - 4.30 PM, not 4 - 5 PM as originally scheduled. 


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Also by Stockport WoL:

Unpicked-Restitched Exhibition | February 2016 Collage Poem |

IT WAS 50 YEARS AGO TODAYStockport Art Gallery

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