She hurts


I tell myself to let her go

Is it her I miss?

just the idea?

just the company?

actually i miss them all

they all still hurt

soft skin

sweet thoughts

kindness to strangers

weaker creatures

makes a man comfy 

just for a little while

then they hurt

they tear my gut space

suddenly I’m the Sunday funnies

and they lose weight

sucking some other fellow

swallowing the enemy 

she hurts with her every move

yes, I’ve made my bad choices

deliberate at times

I suppose I’ve earned the hurt

but still…

I’m human 

are you?

are they?



heartbreaklovesocial commentarySocial Observations

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Bruce Strosnider

Thu 4th Feb 2016 22:21

good one. rhythmic. confidential tone brings me in. drop the sucking and swallowing

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