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What Are the Different Types of Love Poetry?

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We generally write love poetry to convey love which is experienced in different relationships. This includes romantic love, both unrequited and enduring, and love for a sibling or a parent can be expressed with love poems. Great poets have also used short true love quotes and poetry to express their emotion towards the great outdoors or a lovely pet. Love poems also might include a sonnet or rhymes, which express great feelings of sadness or happiness.

A love poem which expresses love for things, places, or people can be constructed as a sonnet. A sonnet consists of exactly fourteen lines, which rhyme. This type of love poetry can be heartfelt or humorous. Often it tells a story, which expresses the emotions and thoughts of the writer.

Writing humorous love poetry can be composed as a limerick. A limerick is a type of love poetry which consists of five lines and must rhyme. The subject that you're writing about can describe a romantic love for any thing, place or person.

Great poets have used epic poems to express their undying love. A great story can be told using this narrative type of love poetry. The writer can express the love for his country, his love for nature, or tell a great story of an everlasting and wonderful love. This type of poetry is the most lengthy of all other types.

Many of those who write have used written verses to tell a story of lost love and broken romance. The theme of tragic romance has been painted infamous love poems for many centuries. Writers usually compose these types of poems to heal and mend a broken heart. Readers of this type of love poetry love it because they can easily relate to the tragic love in the poems as they too have experienced these feelings.

Poets use romantic love poems to express their feelings to a loved one. Some write use their love poetry as means of private communication. Poetry is sometimes a way for a writer to express those feelings which they couldn't articulate with verbal communication.

We love and cherish our pets, so why not write a poem for them. Kids who have lost a pet they loved greatly can be encouraged to write a poem to honor their pet. Experts believe that writing a poem as a tribute for a lost pet can help kids heal.

People who love and admire the greatness of nature will often write poetry for their love of the outdoors. This kind of love poetry can express the joy of listening to the sounds of birds chirping in harmony, or watching a beautiful sunrise in the early morning hours. Scenic landscapes and watching the peaceful ocean also inspires a person.


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