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Isla Vista

Isla Vista 


Life by the beach 

students on fire 

chicks with tattoos 

streets filled with hope and crank 

the guy from Hawaii is the coolest 

away from mom and dad 

high school was so yesterday 

party at the Bob Marley house 

after party in the morning 

beer belly and whiskey dick 

fake tits and nipple rings 

warm beer and cold pizza 

mac and cheese fills the cracks of the heart 

cocaine and top ramen 

beer pong and daddy issues 

upside-down keg cups 

live music with too much bass and no vocals 

couches burn the night away 

stuck in a bathroom 

solving the worlds problems

fraternities on a wild pussy hunt

sororities seeking justice 

life in limbo 

board shorts and salt water 

skate shoes and morning shame 

what will become of the next four years?

will I make it to class tomorrow?

existence in the sand

makes for hard parties and headaches 

someday we will be adults 

someday we will work for the man 

hide from the fuzz

this life has no seatbelt 

ride the wave 

don’t get her pregnant 

send money 

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Robert Mann

Sat 13th Feb 2016 12:44

Eric - I am currently watching a box set on Sky called Aquarius. Its broadly about the Charles Manson era and the settings and characters are reflected in your piece. Not sure your intention was a hippy trip back to the sixties, but it has that feel. Very well done sir!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 13th Feb 2016 12:25

yep - I like this too - the title caught my attention because I'd written a short story about a guy who drove from Isla Vista to Denver Colorado - reading this made me take a look at some of your other work which I also enjoyed. Thanks.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 13th Feb 2016 11:14

Woah! Good stuff guy!


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