By the Bay

Pulling Wire


I worked a summer in San Fransisco 

Sacramento street 

pulling wire 

they all stared at us 



aliens in their sterile tube 

sorry my ladder is an in convenience 

I could see their computers 

money traveling through space

mixed with twitter and “The Bachelor” clips

cubes with confetti and pictures of Hawaii

photos of baby Brooklyn and Kaden 

gonna have to hammer for a bit my lady 

take 5 at the water cooler 

which one of you is fucking the guy from H.R.?

wired his office yesterday 

you aren’t the only one 

I’d grade you a 4 after three fingers of rye

that should dry you up soon

lunch was always fun 

sitting on the curb with my Mexican friends

much harder workers than me 

loud shoes clanking 

iPhones and lip gloss

mad dash to Kale and Tofurky

Hot steaming cheeseburgers for this crew

maybe a burrito and a peep show

bullshitting never felt so appropriate 

just enough to be heard

we exist 

different work, same purpose

pulling wire 

by the bay with my yuppie friends 


social commentary. The BaySocial Observations

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Bruce Strosnider

Thu 4th Feb 2016 22:13

i like the way it brings everything to a harmony.

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