What a night 

changed my whole perspective 

tiny square piece of paper

dissolves on my tongue 

hours of deep thought 

time filled with colors and laughter 

the world is big 



I’m just a kid 

someday I’ll have to wear a suit like my pop 

pay the tax man 


stand the picket line 

I just wanna get laid 

drink beer 

score a touchdown 

before that night I was those thoughts

after I wanted to be different 

different music

different goals 

different women 

the chemicals changed my world 

for the better I think 

a more expanded way of thinking 

perhaps the white picket fence is boring 

washed up 


Sitting in a field at 3 am 

never wanting the night to end 

looking at my skin 

feeling the life inside the grass 

the wind 

the moon 

the heartbeat of the earth 

I’m not in Kansas anymore 

I don’t wanna be 

I’m not afraid of this brain exercise 

what a trip 

what a night 

what a world 


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<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 26th Feb 2016 07:09

Yep I remember that feeling. But for the better?

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Jim Trott

Fri 26th Feb 2016 05:21

I love the great sense of liberation in this one, Eric. Nice one.

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