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(1941-2016. Jefferson Airplane)

Don’t you want…

Something different from those straight singers,
Fresh faced kids in suits or beach wear;
Something better than a Willy Loman future,
War in Vietnam and conscription;
Soldiers with guns on campus
And the politicians
The ones you wouldn’t…

Somebody to love…

Yeah she was a banker’s daughter
Oh man, but her voice
Was unlike anything you’d ever heard
And those summers;
You were at the epicentre
Monterey, Woodstock
All of them.

Wouldn’t you love…

Altamont too, unfortunately
That didn’t go right;
Things started to get
Too heavy even
For an Airplane to lift
And the sixties were over.

You better find…

It wasn’t the same afterwards;
The kids from the boy bands
Running the country;
They didn’t know you anymore,
Wouldn’t admit it anyway,
Didn’t inhale they said.
Yeah right.

Somebody to love…

You still messed around
A few reunions
And folk tunes;
But you got old, you know
That wasn’t meant
To happen
To any of us.



David Subacchi
February 2016.

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Adam Whitworth

Mon 1st Feb 2016 22:18

No! That's the first I've heard of Paul kantner passing away. Airplane were great, Cheers David.

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David Subacchi

Mon 1st Feb 2016 21:57

You can find more of my poetry on line simply by searching on my name.

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