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Bride and gloom

How could she go

cause her daddy wasn’t far away 

unless she really wants 

to kiss to this sad song 

the difference is we both wake up

to the cadence of a different love 

then I am made like the villain 

I only want a peaceful morning 

do you remember when 

I saw you fucking him again 

don’t you forget 

to say you’re sorry

the bloom is off the rose 

let’s fin...

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Love lostLOVE SONGsocial commentarySocial Observations

One up

One up


He’s the guy 


verbal diarrhea 




He’s the guy 



in charge 

all the answers 

all the solutions 

no substance 

just words 

He’s the guy

funky hairdo

hitler gestures 

outrageous claims

empty suit 

self funded

He’s the guy 

the spot in your undies 

the hole in your sock 

the ro...

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Social Observationspolitics




What a night 

changed my whole perspective 

tiny square piece of paper

dissolves on my tongue 

hours of deep thought 

time filled with colors and laughter 

the world is big 



I’m just a kid 

someday I’ll have to wear a suit like my pop 

pay the tax man 


stand the picket line 

I just wanna get laid 

drink beer 


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Social Observationsacidshort poempoemchange for the better

The Academy

The Academy 


Stand at attention 

sir yes sir

you are worthless

run till you puke 

you aren’t even human 

wool uniforms in the dog days of summer

we are gonna make men out of you

crying is for the weak 

pain is fear leaving the body 

spit shined shoes and foot lockers

made beds and floors you can eat off of

your mama can’t save you

you're a plebe 


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militarypoetrySocial Observations

The Valley

The valley


Streets filled with purpose

The Silicon valley is alive and well

Suitcases and Range Rovers 

Palm tress sweep the sky 

motorists hurry to plug in 

horns honked with kindness

coffee filled with sugar and whipped cream 

more a milkshake than a jumpstart 

two hour snack pow wow 

heated ping pong power lunch 

making apps to scratch your back 

and pic...

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Californiacomputerssilicon valleysocial commentarySocial Observationstechnology

Lip service

Lip Service 


It’s hard being alone

at least for me 

I see folks kissing with promise 

smiling with dignity 


love drunk 


cupids arrow is dull

for the most part 

it’s not real 

maybe your elders have stuck it out 

your folks are worn and torn 

a scar 

treated with cheap topical cream 

lip service  


the fear of embarrassm...

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loveSocial ObservationsValentine poem

Isla Vista

Isla Vista 


Life by the beach 

students on fire 

chicks with tattoos 

streets filled with hope and crank 

the guy from Hawaii is the coolest 

away from mom and dad 

high school was so yesterday 

party at the Bob Marley house 

after party in the morning 

beer belly and whiskey dick 

fake tits and nipple rings 

warm beer and cold pizza 

mac and cheese fill...

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beachCaliforniaCollegeSocial Observationssociety alcoholStudent




It’s late

actually it’s early


brain never stops

mix between good thoughts and bad

this should be over since the end

of my drinking life 

my marriage 

my dogs life 

is this one of those nights I’ve been waiting for?

what to do…???

my best pal comes to town tomorrow

happy about that

maybe this shouldn’t be over

maybe this is just the beg...

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insomniasocial commentarySocial Observations

By the Bay

Pulling Wire


I worked a summer in San Fransisco 

Sacramento street 

pulling wire 

they all stared at us 



aliens in their sterile tube 

sorry my ladder is an in convenience 

I could see their computers 

money traveling through space

mixed with twitter and “The Bachelor” clips

cubes with confetti and pictures of Hawaii

photos of baby Bro...

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social commentary. The BaySocial Observations

When we speak

When we speak


Why you gotta look that way?

why you gotta spit on the stage?

you see we are young wolves 

and we’re hungry for the last guy outside

come see us when we’re walking

they don’t know our kind of night

Sick and wear our hearts outside

on our sleeves

and we just can’t take no more 


Yet the skies say we should come back home

I remember in disguise...

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Social Observationshands up




She hurts


I tell myself to let her go

Is it her I miss?

just the idea?

just the company?

actually i miss them all

they all still hurt

soft skin

sweet thoughts

kindness to strangers

weaker creatures

makes a man comfy 

just for a little while

then they hurt

they tear my gut space

suddenly I’m the Sunday funnies

and they lose weigh...

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Social Observationssocial commentaryheartbreaklove

It falls

It falls


This weather is killing me

I was promised snow last year

got none

now it falls 

too much to dig out

not good for a depressed guy 

get out of the the house she says

the good doc 

such wisdom and study

what to do?

get another job

be a better dad 

get the bank situation fixed

not a a good mix for the sad




I should ea...

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Faith rising in the east

calm after the storm 

pressed suits and uncomfortable shoes

the good word awaits

the sidewalk alive with parents

and children

too many to count 

So sweet and innocent

Mom and Pop 

anxious to compare clothes 



and neighbor gripes

Such content 

such confidence 

must be nice to know 

to know th...

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Little Humans

Little Humans


Life isn’t so complicated sometimes

Monster trucks

bed jumping 

look at me dada!!



here you go!

such excitement 

just life

no worries

let’s play with the wooden spoon

I’m gonna boom you

TV and crackers

party all the time

no work

no bills

no tax man

no fox news

I lose my focus without them

it’s all worth ...

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Maybe Two

Maybe two


I’ll admit

I create stress for myself

even on vacation

I’m working on it 

“simmer down” they say

Am i that bad?

even the pope takes an angry shit right?

everyone has to worry about something

nothing but truth,

I’m not comfy unless I worry

I envy those who walk without baggage 

how do they do it?

I can make it a day 

maybe two

then she scr...

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social commentarySocial Observationspoetrypoem

I Try

I try


I’m not the best lover 

can’t dance much either

never won a poker game

never guessed the jelly beans

haven’t won a sweep steaks of any kind

failed to roll 300

never skydived 

don’t really like vegetables 

prefer burgers to pretty much anything

afraid of the ocean from time to time 

Jaws was mean but brilliant

I can catch a ball

any ball, any time


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hankpoempokersocial commentary




Been working hard loving

working hard chances way too many, many

you’re foolish not to let me go

you helped me walk when i was off

you told me this was the last time

i’m sure its nice to change the bloody razors

maybe turn back the clocks 

those where the days 

I know i fucked it up

I know i was the clown, banana peel

you come around, you hear the sounds


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divorceshamesocial commentary




Sit back with the captain and Jack 

they all walk in

they found me wet with all the K-pins 

knocked down

get back up

got to get back up 

I can see my soul is all but stuck 

I got my meds, my sickened head 

I got my life to get straight

the rest is what I make 


the rest is what i make!

with never picky taste 

if I’m gonna be yours lets get away


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interventionno more second chancespositivitysocial commentarysuicide

Not all bad

Not all bad


I’m out on the front porch smoking 

scratching forgotten dreams from my baldness

coffee makes me happy

even a little light breeze helps

today is gonna be different

yesterday was so so 

I got through it

Some of it hurt

she was civil

that is always a plus

I miss my babies

i regret my choices 

yet the porch is my place 

my ground

what is i...

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social commentarypositivity




I don’t wanna be on of those guys 


out of place 

emotional problem solving, constant

it sounded good on paper

now just more different 

she this 

he that

beautiful children!

he’s being such and such a way

they don’t know where things are

why are they even arguing?

what people are we?

is today the same as yesterday?

yesterday as in when...

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Social Observationsdivorce

On my end

On my end 


My guitar used to sing to me

I’d  pick her up and she’d play me

that feeling

we could make people dance 

we could make some toes tap 

she used to be by my side 

things have changed 

only on my end 

now we never dance 

I’m sure she hates when I finger her

It’s not the same 

that part of me is sleeping 

now she just stares 


shame on ...

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the loud asshole

I’m important

that’s what i do

bill by the hour

insult by the minute

excuse me, let me check my watch

see my balls!!

I sleep at night

she must be hard

or dry

i would be 


pride works in mysterious ways

glad I’m not you

I’d have to chew my food in your body

I hope the exit hurts

every time

get it on paper!!


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The army and fucking

The army and fucking



Folks just need to know

The army will get you shot

Why the confusion?

Commercials don’t impress me

guns are loud, and blood is depressing

héros are human

bullets are real 

Life is a deep breath you don’t wanna lose

young men with no options 

thanks for your death

I can buy contraception

from a man from a country who shot you

I s...

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Social Observationsarmypoetrypoets

Read Me!!

Read Me!!


Read me!

I’m different from all the rest 

these words will change you

stay with me

important info is to follow

the world is on fire

the mountains are moving

Susie has a gun

buy this, sell now!!

stay with me 

This is an interesting group of letters

people like you.

and me.

heartbreak and iTunes

Facebook and menopause

things to grab the ...

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Social ObservationsBreaking Newspoetspoetry

Bleach and cork

Bleach and Cork



Darts, endless darts

a passion I never desired

guitar and words don’t heal the soul

no such luck for darts 


I saw a blonde haired woman in a van today

I needed cigarettes and human contact

Thanks to her for making my drive

I suspect she will stay in my mind all day


What if she had car trouble and broken dreams?

More importantly: who...

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Social Observationsdartspoetry

Number numb with a bullet

Number numb with a bullet


A student shot his friends today

The news is loud, and the coffee shops buzz

the politicians all a rage say nothing

grocery clerk stares at the pimple on my nose

“Haven’t you heard bitch!!”

“I wash regularly. My soap is correct”

“some things just can’t take away imperfections”

back to talk radio 

Bliss a’int this 

I’ve never shot a pal


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The Bench

The Bench


I sat on a bench for an hour

ugly dogs and sad people 

grey men with bad backs 

carrying shit and ancient thoughts 

I wonder about a blonde lady

was she the one who gave blowjobs and never made you call her

I wonder how long he will take to realize he’s gay

or hates his father

or both

how much of that college degree do you really use?

do you feel pre...

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poempoetsSocial Observations

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