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bad person

i am a bad person, why does no one see

am am me and oh how i hate being me

im rude and self centered

i throw tanties like a three year old

i dont like being wrong 

i get jelous like a little girl

i suck up to people like a kid who wants money

and yet people stand by me


why do people not see how arogant i am

how immature and shitty

that my brain is so small you co...

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when you are hurt

emotionaly or physicly

when you put up with everything

because it is the easy way out

when you return battered and bruised

feelings hurt, ego lowered

you start to say is ok

becuase you arnt worth any thing more


it stops now

i stuck up for you

what do i get in return



the moment i speak up

the day i stop putting up with it


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Going nuclear

It all rushes

As do waves to a shore

It lingers

As does a lover to her partner

It builds up

As done by carpenter


If an explosion happens and no one is around to hear it did it happen at all


The waves of the blast are absorbed by a protective shell

The shell that keeps all else out

The shell everyone mistakes for strength 

When it is mearly an illusion to kee...

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life is but a dance,

from the fast to the slow 

from the heartbreaking to the breath taking

we live a dance


work is merely  the box step

going round and round again

ralationships are like the conga

kick a leg out only to bring it back again

life is just a dance


prosicution of the steps are key

if you fail you need to get back into the rythm of success


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once in a dream

twas only but once

but it may never be again

your mere presence creates deep contemplation


you left for years only to appear again out of the blue

i missed you

you with your beautiful brown hair

your glimmering brown eyes

you cheecky smile 

and the insanity of which only the fun of us have


i missed you 

your humor is over whelming

as is your back breaking...

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friends are indeed the notes to lifes song

they are more than that though

they are laughs


they are a shoulder to cry on

they are the ones that understand

no matter what they are there


they are there when you feel low

they are there when no one else is

they are the ones that hurt the most 

when they are angery 

you feel it hardest

when they are sad

you ...

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friends of the earth


life is like a river

with turbulent streatches 

and sharp rough turns

with shallow parts 

and dark gloomy depths

that threaten to pull you down


you can choose to jump in 

and face the rapids

or you can sink in the depressing mud

will you jump in

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when all your life just seems to way you down
when you dont know where to go 

when the darkness threatens to over come 

remeber you are not alone


when you feel as if this horror shall never end

when the sun is blocked out by sadness

when all you see is a never ending road

remeber you are not alone


when your friends are there 

but you cannot hear them

when laug...

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Being alone

push on

when all seems lost

when you think you wont win

when the path looks endless

and the sky is dark

push on

when you begin to tire

when the world keeps turning for everone but you

push on


when you finaly find something good

and it gets taken away

when all seems disappear

push on


becasue you can never find the good without suffering the bad

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