It’s late

actually it’s early


brain never stops

mix between good thoughts and bad

this should be over since the end

of my drinking life 

my marriage 

my dogs life 

is this one of those nights I’ve been waiting for?

what to do…???

my best pal comes to town tomorrow

happy about that

maybe this shouldn’t be over

maybe this is just the beginning 

not happy about this

laying in bed thinking about sex is hard

not my cock 

my frustration 

the news never stops 

always there 

blah blah blah 

cigarettes are good for three minutes

darts are good until no bullseye

if it was trash day the boys would be out 

i would hear the machine 

i’ll settle for the occasional car 

it’s late 

actually it’s early 

social media hurts my thumb 

guess it’s not all bad 

this is one of those nights 

ride the wave 

the sun will rise 

cheese ending to a late night thought 

it’s late 


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