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Impression V

She takes me to a gallery; an exhibition: a sale of pictures

and asks which one I should choose.
The paintings are nice.
The colour is good.
The composition fine.
The frames are worth a bob or two.

And as I think of this
passing the abattoir at midnight

a single sheep bleats.

Studies by the sea.
Pastoral scenes in Victorian style:
families grazing on the beach.

I suggest the only painting, that to my eye, contains life

a hurried sketch of a girl of seven,
in a whirl of white dress,
caught between that moment of sandcastle or sea:
tucked into a corner of the wider scene.

And, while she runs through the reasons
of why she will buy a different picture

I think of a camel.
And, the stored fat of the hump:
and her fat arse and thighs.

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jeremy young

Wed 24th Feb 2016 03:26

I hadn't thought of the sheepskin.

The reference is literal, I was walking home, past the abattoir at midnight and a single sheep bleating, sparked this memory.

and it is picked up in the next verse - to expand on the theme of consumerism.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 23rd Feb 2016 19:44

Completely engrossing from start to finish - like being harpooned. Terse and fulsome simultaneously - a real talent.

Do I follow - that original paintings were/are often done on sheepskin? Or is the reference completely esoteric? For thrill effect? I'm positive there's a connection, even if I've missed it.

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